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Stupid will do as stupid does: Sue a blogger over a piece of satire!

September 1, 2010

I thought we only have ministers who can make us look stupid and get the whole world laughing. (Remember for instance Zam on Aljazeera not that long ago?) Now we have a CEO (a British-educated one at that it seems!) of one of our world-class GLCs following suit and whoever is leading the charge at MCMC in tow going to make us look like dungu-s again on the world stage! Malu lah kita from the stupidity of the Bodoh kind!

My question, will the Honourable Judge tomorrow save us the disgrace and our face or …

Read here and here for the full story.

Will stupid know stupid when one stares oneself in the mirror? That’s the question.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. mohamad adel permalink

    Malaysians beware ,

    No more jokes or else you will be charge in court.
    What a joke.

    Berjoke lah sebelum kami di tangkap. Kesian Rakyat Malaysia.
    sudah tidak bebas lagi untuk berjenaka dan bergurau senda.

    So, apa yang kita ada lagi?.

  2. Ok, no more satires or jokes, let’s be serious when criticizing.

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