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Another police report against bloggers … from a minister no less!

October 13, 2010

Rais Yatim should remember he is a minister. A public figure who will be under the public spotlight constantly. Anything good or bad he says or does will be applauded, questioned or criticised.

He has better get used to it or get out. To abuse his position, given to him by the rakyat, is akin to kicking the rakyat right back in their faces. The rakyat is “annoyed” now. Should we also make a police report against him and insist the MCMC, MACC, whatever, to investigate and harass him?

Two wrongs do not make a right. Moreover, the rakyat have better sensibilities than to stoop so low. Rais Yatim is a learned lawyer himself who projects an image to have more class than most. So why the miss-step now, minister?

This blog declares its support for responsible blogging and stands right behind Taikors and Taikuns, rocky’s bru and bigdogdotcom for the injustice Rais Yatim wishes to lash out against them for the flimsiest of reason — alleged “character assasination.” What a laugh. Had the minister been more transparent with his ‘4G dealings’ perhaps this point would not have been reached, to try save his sorry butt!

It appears the minister’s brain has temporarily switched place with where he usually farts.

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  1. the funny thing is that the announcement of the 4G licenses was done on the day rocky was being interrogated by MCMC.

    And in the announcement, one company stood out like a sore thumb…puncak semangat sdn bhd.

    so a smokescreen of yesteryears again?

  2. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    If you are such a brave blogger then don’t hide behind a pseudonym lah. Put down your real name & real profile on your blog….what you afraid of

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