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Lessons in Debunking Money

November 5, 2010

* Debunking Money – The Way the World Really Works
* Debunking Money

Here’s an education about money by Damon Vrabel you would not get anywhere else. The reason being those handful of people (the elites) who control the creation of electronic digits on computer screens and the fiat paper money bills do not want you to know.

If the secret is revealed, the ruse will be up and the game will be over. Well, the game is ending soon and you might as well learn how “the working class,” the majority of us making up a high over 90%, gets royally screwed. In place of whips and guns, the control of money is just as effective in reducing the vast majority of us into modern-day slaves. Which begs the question why massive households today which have dad and mum working their butts off are still faced with a life of struggle!

My view is that those who control money have the power to control our income tax and numerous other taxes, public utilities rates, the price of petrol, commodities, goods and services, inflation rate and, above all else, banks’ interest rates. Whether one cares to admit, we the common folks are like batteries providing the energy to engines of growth and prosperity for the select few!

After these lessons, also go re-watch The Matrix and the movie will make even more sense than before.

Welcome to class …

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