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Man beaten to death by police for defaulting on a bank loan?!

December 11, 2010

It appears the world is totally out of control, out of order. Everywhere you look the “peace keeping” men in uniforms are unleashed to do the dirty work of the elites. In this instance it seems the banksters would have had the word out to teach one of their delinquents a hard lesson and be made an example of. And they went for him like a pack of blood-thirsty dogs to a cornered kitten. The victim was lucky. They only used sticks. Back on our soil they probably would have had used bullets, given the fact that they had not even thought twice to shoot a teen for evading a road-block or others for lesser offences.

But what’s so downright TRAGIC, repulsive, unacceptable and unforgivable in this case was that the said man had already “paid his debts” and the dogs in Alexandria, Egypt, were not stopped. How is the authority going to render justice for the deceased family – “survived by a wife and three children, the oldest one only four-years-old”? Can it happen? Will it ever?

Is what happened in Egypt going to be a trend set forth by the satanist New World Order-ians for complicitous powers-that-be of poisoned and corrupted nations?

The turmoils that the whole wide world is going through right now are the results of unbridled greed of banksters and their cohorts and not one, todate, has been seriously brought to book! What the fook is wrong?!

The whole lot of them is currently the scourge of humanity. They should all be consigned to dust.

Read the full news report here.

From → World Watch

One Comment
  1. Thank God I’m in Malaysia. Be thankful that any of us did not suffer like that man did.

    Live in a zoo Namewee.

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