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Wikileaks: Promoting Truth

December 17, 2010

… by George Waters

George Waters is my guest-blogger for this post. He is an Associate Professor of Economics and his research focuses on the global effects of the outsourced job market in the United States. When he is not teaching and writing, George advocates for distance education through “Being a Professor, I have sought out ways to better connect with my students. This has led me to blogging. I focus a lot of my writing on world politics and economics.” Over to you, George …

“Wikileaks: Promoting Truth” by George Waters

The fire storm that Wikileaks has ignited on the airwaves of the mainstream media has been astonishing. Many countries, including Malaysia, have been involved in the embassy cables released by the whistle blower website. Many within the establishment, including various members of the mainstream media have slammed Wikileaks and its actions. Some television hosts have even gone so far as to say that Julian Assange should be executed for treason. It is obvious the talking heads on these shows are in the pocket of the establishment, as they call for the blood of truth-speakers, and demand even more cyber-security.

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange

There are still those that understand that truth and honesty is the only true policy for a government that is not corrupt or deceitful. It is true that when the people of a country relinquish one small part of their human rights to a government, even in the name of security there is nothing but tyranny. This is because governments are run by men who cannot resist taking power over other people’s lives. In the modern era, these power brokers are given what is essentially a right to secrecy. The media generally avoids the pertinent issues, while corrupt officials conspire against the people they supposedly serve. Wikileaks is a useful watchdog against such government corruption.

Malaysia has been mentioned in roughly 994 of the secret embassy cables released on the whistle blower web site. Over a quarter of a million cables are slated to be released in batches, one batch at a time. So far, two different cables have been released that originated from the Malaysian embassy, while a few other cables mention the country in passing. In one of the cables, Malaysia’s officials express desire to temporarily suspend Fiji from the Commonwealth. This was in response to the 2006 coup in Fiji. New Zealand, another country within the Commonwealth, expressed desire to completely remove the Fiji from the Commonwealth.

In one quite controversial cable regarding Malaysia, two companies based in Malaysia were said to be front companies for Iranian-based interests. The two companies were said to be buying up nuclear and missile technology from all around the world. The Malaysian government vehemently denied any such accusations in the newspapers, however.

The accusations came from the State Department, and is the second time the country has been accused of harboring Iranian sympathizers. In the cable, the United States asked Beijing to assist them in investigating the Malaysian based companies. The names of the two companies accused of providing technology to Iran are Electronics Components Ltd and Skylife Worldwide Sdn Bhd., which is the company that the State Department claimed was a front company. Skylife Worldwide was accused by the State Department of purchasing gyroscope technology that is to be used in guidance systems of cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and UAVs.

It seems our leaders seem to have missed some lessons in their education when it comes to governing. If they did not have the time to take lessons they could certainly enroll in one of the many online leadership schools available on the web. Government officials are reacting to Wikileaks as if it were the scourge of the world, and perhaps it is the scourge of theirs, but to the rest of us Wikileaks is a promising weapon in the truth keeper’s arsenal. Government corruption will certainly not cease because of the web site, but perhaps the general public will be given a better chance to expose and confront corruption. The result of Julian Assange’s trial will be a telling example of the future to come for those who wish to speak the truth, as it appears that much of the globe may risk sinking into a police state, if it has not already.

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