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One and only resolution for 2011 …

December 31, 2010

As tradition goes, today is that time of year most who have any sense of responsibility would usually take the trouble to review what have been achieved for the past 364 days or the lack thereof and proceed – with all honest and good intention no less – to make new resolutions for the year ahead so that one can make good any shortfall previously suffered lah.

(Bruddy hell, did i just dink that? And just in case you are wondering, that word is my contraction for “digitally ink.”)

Anyway, truth be told, i am past making a list of resolutions.

Why? Because experience tells me no matter how honest and good the intention is/are, a list just doesn’t work. So why bother with the rigmarole when one resolution alone is already a tall order and challenge enough?

So here’s my one and only resolution for 2011 …

i pray oh lord in the Year 2011 a matter that has been going on and on and on in 2010 pertaining to something to do with Rice, Orphan and gRape would be resolutely  resolved and the wHole matter be put behind us once and for all.

As it is, too much national productive time have already been wasted at this very uncertain economic time … what with the citizenry going into a frenzy bantering back and forth as to who this VVIP and/or senior minister might be. And whether it is possibly another clear-cut mischievous case of rumour, a flat yes-he-did-it; no-he-didn’t and/or just another crank shot at character assassination gone awry.

Time is running out lah people, enough is enough!

Halo, you all forget ah, there’s still much work to be done in nation-building okay. Not excluding billions Ringgit worth of netbooks yet to be fully disbursed to the less than fortunate to bridge the digital divide between the rural and city folks. (Never mind if where the netbooks are supposed to go the infratructure is sans internet-ready, who cares, but the netbooks have to be distributed lah, no matter how and to whom.) Don’t you guys realize 2010 is soon going to be history and 2011 is fast approaching in a matter of hours? Get serious lah, wei.

Not forgetting also we have to ratify whether the G4 broadband spectrum is a truly Yes or oh-oh No! And did I forget to mention whether some duffer’s son whose name is more in-tune with a cartoon dinosaur character for kiddies have had his name cleared and that there was never ever any impropriety taking place, after thorough investigation by the relevant authorities? Last but not least, what about the shanghai-ed ‘Ferrari’ … isn’t it time it is returned to the rightful owner in its pristine condition? What lah you …

i can go on and on but, as it is with my belief with a long list, it really defeats the purpose. So let’s get the Rice, Orphan and gRape matter over and done with okay. The sooner the better so that all of us can go do some really productive work for the good of the country. (Forget already? Tenang by-election is fast round the corner and PRU 13 would possibly be upon us before one can say fock the made.)

But seriously, what’s really strange about this whole episode is the fact that a famous sleepy head’s Elegant Silence thingy is back to haunt us and give our ear drums a sound and deafening beating!

What gives? Shouldn’t another speedy-gonzales haul-up for questioning and police report lodged against the delinquents be the cultured thing to do … no kah? Just a passing thought.

Happy New Year, all.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. A good one bro. My New Year’s Resolution is not to have one. Because we never manage to fulfill the previous one after all. hehehe

  2. Bro,

    HAPPY 2011! When’s the next beer? My throat is parched!

  3. ILHAM permalink



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