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de jure united States of America ready to step in peacefully when de facto UNITED STATES OF AMERICA finally collapses

January 2, 2011

2011 will be unnervingly interesting and the year to watch intently.

Likely to happen will be two possible disastrous events. The final demise of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as a corporate entity. But, from elsewhere that I have been able to glean, this collapse will be preceded by the death of the Euro currency. It does not matter really which comes first – the effects will be the same. For sure the world, as we know it today, will not be the same. You can count on it there will be exceedingly rough times before calm and sanity are restored. How protracted this inconvenience is going to be is anybody’s guess. So be mindful and be prepared.

I sincerely hope our government and elected representatives have been watchful and have their ears to the ground and will know the right things to do by the people way before the day of reckoning strikes. I would offer that we seriously look into our agricultural sector haste post haste and make every effort to be self-sufficient quickly. (But do not ever be ‘persuaded’ to adopt the genetically-modified route for the consequences are far too environmentally destructive and life extinctive.)

It’s plain common sense that when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan no amount of mega high rise projects is going to provide sustenance for human survival. Bricks and mortars do not food make, agree?

Forget about even thinking of importing the essential commodities when the time comes for there would be a worldwide shortage and the cost far too prohibitive to make it sustainable even for the short term. By the way, has anyone in authority given thought to what the current unprecedented and, what appears to be, protracted bad weather phenomenon worldwide is going to result in? If, at the top of mind, the issue of crop failures do not surface then one would have failed miserably.

For the long term, it is perhaps even not unwise for the government to revive our agricultural sector in a big way and put our graduates from our local agriculture university which is ranked one of the finest in the world, to high-income employment and productive nation-building. Seriously, for a country to advance into a first-world entity, why is it the agricultural sector is often subject to a step-child treatment? We used to grow the best rice in the region, if not the world, and was self-sufficient but now we are scurrying all over the globe to import this staple commodity. What a shame. If the willful marginalization of our agricultural sector was a question of image and labour shortage, then what is there to stop us now to take it to a higher level when foreign labour is in abundant supply? Think about it, PM and Minister of Agriculture!

Gleaming high-rise bricks and mortars are fine but when a country cannot fundamentally feed its people on its own strength, in abundance and at a reasonable cost, they might as well stand as dull tombstones for a shameful reminder.

The shame of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA today is not that much different.  It is the most powerful and once richest country in the world but has lost almost all its luster. It has become a monstrous corporation being grossly mismanaged. Bankrupt. Dying. The American dream altogether has become a nightmare. Over 40 million of its people are on food stamps and likely as many are out of gainful employment, not just for the short but for long term. Thousands of its middle-class live in tents by the wayside and parks for homes. Which is unheard of before 9/11.

Before the country can get better it has to go through a painful death. It’s not going to be easy. But it’s good to know, when corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA breathe its last breadth a new united States of America is on hand to step in and pick up the pieces peacefully and restore the country back to a Constitutional entity, as originally intended by its founding fathers.

Read about what really happened to America and how it was progressively brought down to its knees in its current state … a poignant piece by a former member of the Restore America Plan …

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Lovell. I was part of the Restore America Plan. I’m now part of the Restored United States of America. To quote Einstein – ‘Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.’

I will use the terms ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto.’ De jure is from Latin – means – ‘from law.’ De facto means ‘acting as.’ A policeman is charged with keeping the peace. He’s a de jure – legitimate – policeman with a badge – operates under a certain jurisdiction. If a teacher breaks up a fight in a school, that teacher is – a de facto policeman – acting as a policeman though he is not a de jure policeman.

We, in the United States – have had a de facto government for about 150 years. If you want a clear picture of how this happened, go to It’s the best short, concise explanation for this that I have ever found.

This de facto government – working slowly with stealth and lies – incorporated in Delaware – 1871 – replaced the legitimate, de jure government with their own constitution – the Universal Commercial Code (UCC). Please note: When you see the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in all capital letters, that refers to this corporation. When you see it in upper and lower case – that’s the legitimate, de jure government.

This lawyer-trick that you see – is only one small part of the deception that has been foisted upon us. When the Supreme Court Justice reads the oath of office to the president-elect, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is in capital letters, so when the president swears to defend and uphold its (corporate) constitution – which is the UCC – he can tell himself that he isn’t lying.

This de facto corporate so-called government – working in collusion with a private corporate counterfeiting company – called the Federal Reserve Board that is no more federal than Federal Express – was incorporated in Delaware in 1913 – along with the private Internal Revenue Service and private Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – now off-shore corporations – located in Puerto Rico – have been in collusion to take our country down – to rob us blind, take our property, disarm us, enslave us, and worse. The United Nations – is a very large part of this plan.

By issuing currency out of thin air, they have slowly and surely bought up our corporations, Wall Street, and yes – Washington. They have bought influence in many areas – education – media – and yes – many churches – with everything from contributions to coercion. Anybody who has influence to sell – to sell – has already been bought by these people, with money created out of thin air, to help carry out their evil plans. To put it simply, they are thugs, dressed up in business suits.

They are puppet-masters, and they first trapped many of their puppets – maybe with just a paycheck, but it is much worse. If they cannot deceive someone, they try to blackmail them. If they cannot blackmail them, they try to buy them. If they cannot buy them, they threaten their lives and lives of their family. If that doesn’t work, they kill them. They buy or coerce people into shutting up, lying, and/or carrying out their plans – the dirty work that you see – while they hide in the shadows – like the mob bosses they are.

To put it simply, a group of very wealthy people have gained almost total control of our government, to quash their competition – and force us to become their customers. In a word, this is fascism. When those who are to protect us, oppress us – we call that tyranny. Tyranny abounds in our land. As you pull the curtains back, you will find the Queen of England, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and some family names you will instantly recognize. ‘Tis they who have foisted this upon us. ‘Tis we who have been duped.

The UNITED STATES CORPORATION went bankrupt in 1933. It was handed over to the Federal Reserve – in unconstitutional bankruptcy proceedings. In simple terms, the Federal Reserve controls the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation – and they have bled this corporation dry with compound interest on our national debt. Our national debt was created – by design – to do just this. A federal government that wanted to tax even the yet unborn – borrowed money at interest – furthering the agendas of borrower and lender.

They can hire the best – or should I say – worst – criminals. Insider information from Washington, DC – shortly after JFK’s assassination: ‘After they killed Kennedy, even lifetime appointed federal court judges are afraid of the Federal Reserve boys.’ This can certainly explain a few Supreme Court decisions.

Their plan included crushing our federal government and military, to usher in one-world government. They have come perilously close to doing this. This activity in our nation was and is part of a world-wide plan – hatched centuries ago. The kings of old and wealthy merchant/bankers wanted a New World Order – just like the Old World Order – comprised primarily of western European ruling families – ruling over slaves. We – were to be their slaves. They wanted total control of all property and people. They wanted all of us to work for them, and rent from them. They wanted control over all currencies and trade. They wanted control of all who held any influence – over anybody. Their plans included cashless currency over which they had control, to stop anyone they wanted from trading.

At this point we are very economically enslaved, as 2/3 of every dollar we spend goes to them – through taxation to this corporation at all levels of production of goods and services. They have been using this money – taken from all of us – the rich and the poor alike through taxation – to enslave us even more. One of their favorite means of taxation: Business taxes. In that manner, the business gets blamed for high prices, and they get the money. Never in history have businesses paid taxes. Truth: Their customers always pay those taxes when they buy anything.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation – totally controlled by the Federal Reserve – has been bankrupt beyond any hopes of redemption for over a decade. It is now insolvent. The Federal Reserve private central bank – robbed from the inside by its owners – is also bankrupt. The only difference between bankruptcy and declaring bankruptcy is a declaration. There is no need to overthrow something that is collapsing. It will fall in on itself – completely – very shortly – at all levels.

The Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has many agencies – just as – say – an insurance company has many agencies. These agencies – are also broke. By now, most people know that Social Security is broke, along with Medicare and dozens of other such agencies.

Please note that there are many subdivisions of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. Among them is a corporation called the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA – along with counties in capital letters and cities – such as the CITY OF CHARLESTON in capital letters. If you go to, you will find a list of these corporations. It is this form of private, corporate government that is collapsing – all around us – by design – along with their private, counterfeited currency. The stockholders robbed the corporations – from the inside. We have been ruled by fraud. Fraud always negates consent.

Because good always rises up to fight evil – a group of very powerful, extremely wealthy people – whose names aren’t public – have been preparing for this for a very long time. They knew that the de facto corporation was destined to fall. If the United States falls, the rest of the world goes with it – and worldwide – societies will collapse due to hunger, disease, and violence unless this ‘new’ – actually restored – government goes into place.

Starting years ago, these wealthy, powerful behind-the-scenes people built a well-funded plan to restore the legitimate, de jure, united States of America – that is actually a collection of republics. West Virginia is one of those republics. A republic is a form of government that is an agreement between the governed and governing – where the people give certain powers to the government, and the government guarantees certain rights to the people who grant these powers to the government. In a good republic, the governing answer directly to the governed through things like the de jure – legitimate – Grand Jury – which is the legitimate – de jure – fourth branch of government – very unlike the puppet ‘grand juries’ that the de facto uses.

The grand jury has its roots in antiquity, along with the Magna Charta – signed into law in 1215 AD. The Magna Charta is so foundational to English and American law, that it is just referred to in the Constitution of the united States – when it mentions the right of habeas corpus. It was such a part of law that it was a ‘given’ – but has been intentionally – deceitfully – but unsuccessfully been buried by rules, regulations, statutes, mandates, policies, codes and such – but not law. Incidentally, a code is so-called ‘evidence of law’ – but is not – law. I could go on with other explanations for the names of instruments that are only color of law – but not law.

These lawyer-tricks abound. The word ‘commerce’ means international trade, not trade upon the land. Our federal government was allowed to control only international trade. When you see a United States flag with a gold fringe around it in a courtroom, you’re entering a court of international law. When you lift up the railing, you’re walking onto a legal fiction – a ship at sea – where you’re in maritime law and the judge acts as captain of the ‘ship’. Under maritime law, the judge can tell you to walk the plank – and you walk. If you go to the highest point in any state, you will find a plaque – that states that is the location of the high water mark for that state. I could go on and on and on and on and on. You’ve been ruled by fraud. It is about to end – about to fall in on itself.

This Restored united States of America – has restored legitimate – de jure – governments in the various republics we refer to as states – and a restored federal government – a federation of states.

For the sake of what I will write, I will refer to the West Virginia Republic as – our state – but it is a form of state that is a republic – with democratically elected representatives and officers. In this republic we call West Virginia, the governor is not to govern the people. The governor is to govern the government. He takes his orders from the people. Foremost among his duties is to protect the rights of the people – from the government they the people – have put into place.

This – was the original intent of our founding fathers. It is this – that we the people have risen up to restore. It has no intentions of overthrowing – anything. As the de facto falls, this restored Constitutional government – is waiting in the wings.

Were this government not ready to go into place, our nation would fall into chaos. This government has been formed. It is funded – awaiting the turn of certain events to be fully funded. If you’re interested in this subject, may I suggest that you go to

Let me list out – what this de facto corporation has in mind in the very near future:

1) Banking regulation changes in January, designed by the big banks to eat the small banks – only one problem –

2) The big banks are broke.

3) The first big bank that goes broke – FDIC gone – bank runs/closings

4) Customers take physical gold and silver out of COMEX and LBMA – both collapse

5) Currencies worldwide go down – gold and silver prices explode

6) Stock market way overpriced – just check the P/E ratios

7) Bond market still quivering – AMBAC failure – and another bond insurer is on its way down

8) Local governments going belly-up…. What bond market?

9) Obama-care comes on-line – businesses go off-line – into the dumper

10) Food prices explode due to ‘Food Safety Bill’

11) Internet goes down

12) Unemployment gone – all hell breaks loose by spring

Answer: The Republic for the Restored America – ‘Jim from West Virginia’

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