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Freak astronomical event witnessed in Langkawi?

January 24, 2011

In a blog I read regularly I came across a paragraph in its latest posting which piqued my interest.

I thought I’d highlight the observation of the said “freak astronomical event” by the author here and wonder if any of our good folks on the island, or anyone I know personally who might have been there at the said time, also witnessed this phenomenon.

Based on the writer’s description of the time of the event I would place it as the night of Tuesday, 18 January 2011. The paragraph in reference I quote here …

Finally, we would like to report another freak astronomical event. Last week during the full moon, this writer was on the Island of Lan[g]kawi in Malaysia where he saw the sun set at the same time a full moon rose in the East on the exact opposite side of the horizon from the setting sun.

This is interesting. Because this event adds to the other astronomical anomalies that were reported earlier. Apparently in Greenland recently the sun rose 2 days early than normally expected. And elsewhere it was reported in November last year that the moon had tilted! You can go here and here and check out the respective stories yourself.

Have you also heard? On 27 August this year, expect the greatest earth event to take place – you’ll be seeing 2 moons in the sky it seems! Go here for the story.

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