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“The world is on the verge of monumental change”

February 6, 2011

UPDATE 3: “Hillary Clinton QDDR meeting – 2011 Global Chiefs Of Mission Conference”

UPDATE 2: “All Ambassadors Called Back To Washington!”

“Hillary Clinton convenes mass meeting of US ambassadors”

UPDATE: Video on “NWO Thugs Sued – Global Settlement Foundation Public Notice” below …

“The Dinar would be revalued and become the new currency for transacting oil. The Chinese Yuan would become the new world reserved currency.”

According to the recorded conference call below, which I stumbled upon today, it seems all currencies in the world would begin the process of being revalued starting from Monday, 7 February 2011 – after the Dinar has undergone its own revaluation.

On the same morning it is also likely China would be making an announcement regarding this new financial system that would be coming into effect. According to a source known as Contact 2, “It could happen within a matter of minutes … or it could happen within a matter of hours…. There’s nothing to be afraid of … it is an attempt at leveling the global playing field economically and balance out the exchange rates around the world.”

China, apparently, is leading the charge. Also according to Contact 2, the event is precipitated when China “took away the processing and authority of delivering the global settlements and the prosperity programs from America on Friday night (28 January 2011) because of the Chinese Dragons.”

This information is brought to you in the spirit of sharing and it’s for you to do your own research and check its authenticity and  accuracy.

Click on the link to listen to the recorded conference call here. It’s a tad long but it’s loaded with critical information that had been deliberately and skilfully “hidden” from the general public. Be prepared even for some revelations that will shake your belief system to its core.

For more information on the global settlements and prosperity programs, click here, here, here, and here.

For a summary of the conference call, click here.

CMKX Diamonds Shareholders Sue SEC Commissioners for $3.87 Trillion

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