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Game over for Mubarak

February 12, 2011

Update 2: Could my greatest fear for the brave people of Egypt have come true? Click on heading and read on … “Egyptian army hijacking revolution, activists fear”

Update: “Swiss cabinet decrees Mubarak accounts be frozen”

“Mubarak resigns, hands power to military”

The people of Egypt have won. And newly-appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman being decidedly side-lined. Would he now hold the world record for being the most short-lived appointed VP of a nation?

The more important question is: Would the Egyptian people really enjoy the freedom and prosperity that they have successfully protested for or would they descend into greater tyranny in the days to come? I wish the best for the people of Egypt … but only time will tell.

Pix and excerpt of story from here

Democracy protests bring down Egypt’s Mubarak

CAIRO – Egypt exploded with joy, tears, and relief after President Hosni Mubarak resigned as president, forced out by 18 days of mass protests that culminated in huge marches Friday on his presidential palaces and state television. The military took power after protesters called for it to intervene and oust their leader of three decades.

“The people ousted the regime,” rang out chants from crowds of hundreds of thousands massed in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square and outside Mubarak’s main palace several miles away in a northern district of the capital.

The crowds in Cairo, the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and other cities around the country danced, chanted “goodbye, goodbye,” and raised their hands in prayer in an ecstatic pandemonium as fireworks and car horns sounded after Vice President Omar Suleiman made the announcement on national TV just after nightfall.

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