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CBS reporter flubs and speaks gibberish at the Grammy?

February 19, 2011

Or did she have a ‘meltdown’ and spoke in her native alien language?

Many explanations had been offered for this seeming ‘screw up.’ You will have to figure it out which has the truth …

Here’s one point of view …

A CBS reporter has what they are calling a meltdown on the air when she starts to speak “gibberish”.

They were at first worried it was a stroke but doctors have said it was not.

I personally think that this is the first we are seeing of the veil being lifted and that this is a reptilian who’s ability to “blend in” is wearing down… I expect we will see much more of this kind of thing in the near future….

CBS is pulling this video everywhere to cover this up so if it is gone just google her name and you should find the video….

Here’s another …

My family has an inherited unique blood vessel structure in our brains. This peculiar structure leads to lots of migraines and transient ischemia (like a cramp in the brain). People in my familiy have had severe attacks that caused speech affects.

I have had these attacks. I have seen plenty of them.

That is NOT what that reporter has. One of these attacks is preceded most of the time by weird symptoms like odd smells, visual distortions. When I got them, I would actually see a crescent-shaped area of flashing rainbows in one side of my eye. I could not see THROUGH this object only around it or on one side of it. It pulsed. Then, my eyelid would begin to droop on the affected side.

It would be obvious that something was wrong with me to anybody seeing me during one of these events.

When words get scrambled coming out, they would be accompanied by these other symptoms simultaneously. Additionally, I would be so exhausted etc. that I would have to lie down. Everybody in my family has had these same things for our entire lives.


They just don’t look like that. It also wasn’t a stroke because those have even more dramatic symptoms.

And here’s the ‘official’ explanation …

An entertainment reporter at the local CBS station in Los Angeles alarmed viewers when she flubbed her words and started speaking gibberish during a live broadcast from the Staples Center after the Grammy awards Sunday night.

KCBS-TV’s Serene Branson was reporting on “highlights and backstage coverage” from the award ceremony when her delivery devolved into a series of nonsensical words.

Many viewers were concerned that she had possibly suffered a stroke during the live broadcast.

British newspaper The Telegraph reported that Branson had been hospitalized following her broadcast, noting that “strokes can cause speech problems in different ways, either by interfering with the brain’s ability to recognize and construct words.”

But other reports said Branson was examined by paramedics outside Staples Center after she was cut from the airwaves. Edward Lawrence, a KCBS reporter, was concerned enough to tweet last night that “station is looking into if there was a problem.”

Monday morning, KCBS released a statement saying: “Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home, and she says she is feeling fine this morning.”

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