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Peaceful UK protesters “civilly arrest” county court judge

March 9, 2011

BREAKING NEWS : 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern Japan, Tsunami Alert Issued

UPDATE, 10 March ’11: Hundreds of council tax protesters storm courtroom in attempt to make citizens’ arrest of judge

All I can say is we are living in interesting times.

Many and diverse never-before-events are simultaneously manifesting all over the globe – and in our galaxy. For sure there’s a wave of transformation sweeping through the universe. A process of cleansing! Dumbing-down of the masses, fraud, tyranny and evil can no longer persist. The perpetrators of their dark agenda can try to run now; but not hide any more. The people of the world are awakened to a phenomenal vibration and reclaiming their Creator-given rights. Come to think of it, divine intervention surely can’t be all that bad after all, yes? No need to fear. Embrace the escalating translation back to full consciousness that has long been promised humanity from on high. “Selamat Ja!

Breaking News … (Source of report from here.)

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 10:44

Video by Jamie Drumlake

Protestors have “civilly arrested” a judge at Birkenhead county court. A crowd of several hundred people has massed around the court. Police have begun forcibly ejecting protestors from the court in chaotic scenes.

Made up of people from across the UK, the marchers say they are excerting their “ancient right to lawful Rebellion under Article 16 of Magna Carta.” Around 20 police vehicles are now in attendance and several dozen officers are at the scene, some with dogs.

The crowd, although largely peaceful, is chanting “freedom” and “arrest that judge.”

From → World Watch

  1. 2 black stones house
    Liverpool kings wood estate London

    District Probate SE218NY

    Registry Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts,

    Derby Square,

    Liverpool, Merseyside L2 1XA

    Date 9th April 2011

    Case number 5WO05451

    Ref: 19th October 2005 injunction

    please reply Attach is my letter to Sun news pepper dated on 8th April 2011, HM may recall on my letter dated on 8th April 2011 I mention, this 17th January 2007, 18th June 2009 and 9th February 2011 include the 6th July 2006 non of this a residence or custody order of children isn’t it to be referring the nation to as an order to withhold my children with Lawrence. Now for the evidence of doubt non of this order is a residence order sun news pepper what are they. Please try to reach the ground each and every one of these order was made. Which is Derby is perfectly clear over jennet Lawrence Family has no custody. Should Derby concern who is jennet Lawrence family the are Ex parte, for the fact they have no custody of my children derby must agree with me at any costs that jennet Lawrence family is living with my children under breach of injunction rules , however to stop jennet Lawrence family from breaching nor living with my children under abstracts is by fielding application in court according to citizens letter on 16th in order to reach for jennet Lawrence family prosecution order isn’t it derby , now by not allowing these application to be field in court by a way of permission to block the access of these form for jennet Lawrence family prosecution judge is refusing to comply with they contract , legal Aid must not and will not continue to pay judge for refusing to comply with they contract, Liverpool for the avoidance of doubt legal Aid commission has complaints over judge refusing to comply with they contract this was on 18th 10th October 2007 after commission has complaints against they staff behaviors why legal Aid commission still paying the judge for this, the two case which was transferred in Horsham county court on 5th august 2005 were my children case that was completed on 14th September 2005 order giving me my children unsupervised custody I then move on with the unsupervised to obtain injunction order on 19th October 2005 case is closed. And the other case is my case with government. Order was made against British government on 2nd June 2009 case is closed I move on derby why referring to judge simpkiss .

    You’re sincerely

    Columbus ibeh

  2. julian robort permalink

    Whoa! what a world we r into

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