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“I just saw the strangest thing on MSNBC….”

March 13, 2011

BREAKING NEWS, 14 Mar 2011 :
Second state of emergency declared after radiation recorded at Onagawa plant

Update 2 : Seismic servers for world “went crazy” at approx 01:21:43 MST on Fri, 11 March 2011

Update :Haarp Did Japan, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD, what’s next? Madrid Fault line?
(Another video): ALERT! HAARP STATION found! .. in Nevada lol off of MASON ROAD !! March 10, 2011


The earthquake in Japan, the ensuing tsunami and meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plants, is just one more in a long and varied series of world events brought about by the dark forces to try achieve world domination through chaos.

Nuclear fallout to reach Alaska in 6 days & California in 7 days after incident

For the greater part, ‘the rulers of the world’ – this world – know their time is running out and they are desperate to do anything that would help them accelerate the establishment of their new world order. Remember, whether one hears of the term New World Order or One World Order, subtly morphed to be politically correct to fool the masses, the agenda remains the same – world domination at whatever cost! Much like what they are doing now with the exposed hoax of “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.” A clear-cut, desperate back-pedaling act to salvage the foisting of yet another tax upon the people of the world in the name of “saving the planet.” Namely the carbon tax. A blatant yet another ‘steal from the poor and middle-class and transfer wealth to the elite rich’ with the ultimate intention of creating a world of only two classes of people. The economic slaves and the ruling elite. This is the NWO folks, whether you are awoken to the fact or not.

But I digress. In truth, the battle for control of the masses has been waged long, long ago. Between the dark and the light. Whilst the former is hell-bent on manipulating the people and feeding on their collective FEAR to create chaos to try bring about its NWO or OWO, the latter has been quickening the spirit of the people to wake them up to the truths. And many have been awakened.

The dark forces, knowing their time is near, will not stop at anything to help achieve their goal. They will manufacture catastrophes. They will manufacture reports. They will manufacture deceptions. And they will propagate them in every mass media they own right down to the Hollywood movies where mind-control and ‘hiding in plain sight’ are at their most sophisticated.

But as they rush to do their evil, even to the extent of trying to manufacture a compatible version of fulfillment of prophecies, which ironically they are in fact hastening to bring them to pass, they are tripping over themselves. The news report of the ‘explosion’ of one of the Fukushima nuclear power stations at Koriyama is just another one of them, similar to the ahead-of-time reports to what actually happened during the events of September 11 in 2001.

An awakened soul was at the right place at the right time when one of the dark cabal’s propaganda mouthpieces was inadvertently caught exposing a conspiracy, yes … no? Click source of the story here or just read on.


Posted By: Never_Surrender [deleted]
Date: Saturday, 12-Mar-2011 08:39:09

I was just watching a live feed of MSNBC and the lady reporter was basically saying blatantly that she thought the story that everything was fine with the Nuclear plant explosion was BS.

She was saying “they are telling us that it did not harm the Nuclear material inside the plant – even though the Roof blew off and the walls fell down – they are saying that…”

AND THEN HER FEED WENT **DEAD**!!…. poof she was gone!!

They cut to a totally different shot right away – it was not like the feed went dead it was like they just simply switched from her to something else to shut her up!!

My mouth fell open I could not believe I just saw that happen.

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