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Earthquake in Japan: Chess move against and a warning to the global triad powers?

March 16, 2011

Update 2 :
Japan Earthquake Predicted by Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames (source)

Update :
UFO sightings over Japan predicted in secret British alien report files

UFO atau Misil Dirakam Atas Tsunami Jepun 2011
UFO Japan 2011 Day of the Tsunami
UFO Japan March 1, 2011

What is really going on? As we ordinary folks struggle to make sense of what is happening to and in our world – and the off-planet world – pundits of all sorts are offering their versions of what is really happening. For the uninformed, there will be tons of info and dis-info. Facts and fictions. Truths and lies. Making the task of ‘separating the chaffs from the grains,’ as it were, more difficult when half-truths and half-lies are enmeshed in the mix. It’s time we take responsibility for ourselves and wake up from our dumbed-down psyche and use our Creator-given spirit and brain to ferret out the truths. Our instincts and common sense have long been veiled and manipulated by the-powers-that-be (soon to become the-powers-that-were) and turned a majority of us into sheeples. So wake up, if you haven’t already, and turn to Light for divine guidance.

The following article and point-of-view offered regarding the recent Japan earthquake, in my opinion, make interesting reading and do contain some semblance of truth in the physical level. Worth the effort checking it out. Please don’t let the 99-word-long second sentence in the first paragraph put you off from proceeding to the end. Enjoy. May the Light be with you. ;-) (Note: Underlined emphases are mine.) 

Japan Earthquake 8.9, The Bold Chess Move Event

Published By TBFWS
Mar. 12, 2011

It has reached a crescendo. While the United States, Britain and Europe (global governance triad powers) were amassing their military forces for war in the Middle East against their once friend, but now enemy, Muammar Gadhafi and the other dictators in the region, implementing a plan drafted long ago to democratize the Middle East into corporate hands by blackmailing their old Arab allies where their population rise up like domino blocks using western-style digital social media to organize protest against their tyrannical governments once supported by the West, with the gameplay of the triad elites now reaching a dangerous turn, an intervention was implemented.

Who interfered with the elites in the U.S., U.K. and E.U. plan to topple Muammar Gadhafi from power quickly? The Western media has been busy creating a rap-sheet on Gadhafi with plans for Libya that replays like the war against Iraq involving human atrocities, chemical and biological weapons, sanctions, no-fly zones and eventually the killing of Saddam and his sons.  Hosni Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt was taken down quickly and is now conveniently in a coma along with the dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia. The plan seems to have been going well for the triad powers, but wrinkles started to appear.

New Zealand earthquake at Christchurch on Feb. 22, 2011
Japan earthquake at Miyagi on Mar. 11, 2011

As the triad powers were amassing their forces to grab the final leg of their trophy, where Europe and Britain were about to make the big mistake in going too far. The New Zealand earthquake on Feb. 22 was not slowing down their plans at all, and so on Mar. 11, a terrible warning was given for them to halt. This warning is going to injure the triad powers temporary economic revival and bring the Asian powers tightly together.

Already after the second warning, on the second day of the event, Russia announced that it will provide extra energy help for its neighbor Japan who has suffered terribly at the hands of the earthquake. The West has always used the Russian control of the Kuril Islands to stirrup bad-feelings against Russia and Japan. And also on the second day of the event, China came to the aid of Japan, offering relief support to include rescuers, equipment, materials and medicines, and an emergency team of Chinese nuclear scientists’ knowledgeable in extinguishing nuclear meltdowns and blocking radiation leaks. It has been the foreign policy of the West to instigate war of words between China and Japan, and this lingering anger stems from World War II, over the Japanese invasion of China and their brutal occupation. But now China is putting bad feelings aside to help their neighbor Japan now in dire need.

Four days after the earthquake, Japan asked the U.S. for help to stop the American-designed General Electric reactors from plunging into uncontrollable meltdown. This help should have been requested from the U.S. quickly after the earthquake hit. Why the delay?

The Western-style backed Japanese government that was put in place after the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was secretly taking orders from a U.S. military base installed on Japan by the Rockefellers after World War II. From this base, the U.S. has ruled triumphantly over the Japanese government and its citizens. This arrangement later awakened the secret underworld faction in Japan called the Yakuza, where this gang has been fighting with global governance elites in the West, trying to rescue Japan from their One World Order grip. The Yakuza might have their chance now?

The “old ones” control the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and if it is in their interest to nudge it a bit, they will do so. However, according to one source allied to the opposing faction against the One World Order global governance triad elites, the earthquake that hit Japan was caused by the Sun releasing solar flares creating disturbance in the fault zone of the Pacific Ocean basin.

New Zealand secretly hosts a leg of the U.S. military secret weapons for use in World War III. One of the bases is located at Hamilton on the North Island, while the other base is near Alexandra on the South Island. These bases are synchronized together with the Northern Territory of Australia that connects the Robinson River to form the U.S. Pacific Missile Shield. The bases are constantly upgraded and supplied for that pending grave day in history.

So the triad powers do prized these locations hit by the devastating earthquakes.

The Japanese earthquake has only delayed Europe and Britain from making the mistake, to erupt the Middle East into civil wars for corporate governance domination. The triad powers made the assumption that they would have carte blanche to green light their way through and grab their designated trophies. But something mystical reacted, perhaps; said to be the Sun’s solar flares jolting them in the foot. Without hesitation, this very event in Japan is going to kick and make porous the economic fakery recovery situation around the world get worse. Because the U.S. Treasury market could feel financial aftershocks if Japan decides to start offloading some of their $1 trillion in foreign reserves to raise cash to help rebuild after the disaster. And if the second-largest foreign holder Japan decides to start selling, that means another U.S. support leg is gone and will make borrowing more expensive for the U.S. government.

There is no doubt about it that Muammar Gadhafi is a bad luck charm of doom comings. The doom in Gadhafi has the ability to bring down the triad powers world economic system. Mr. Gadhafi, the triad elites have pushed you under the bus; you are of no more use to them. The world waits in anticipation, your next move. You are no doubt a fixture in this script like Saddam Hussein was.

The Triad Powers Dislike Nuclear Energy

The triad powers believe that nuclear power is bad, and that the global governance structure emerging should implement solar, wind and ethanol forms of energies. The corporate media is now heavily debating the safety of nuclear energy, asking if the building of nuclear reactors should continue. The motto of the triad elites is never let a situation go to waste, try and exploit it to your benefit. Fear, fear, fear.


Source of article: here.

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