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David Icke: Fork in The Road (They Want To Trigger World War III)

March 23, 2011

Update : David Wilcock Confirms Benjamin Fulford 3/21/11

As I see it, the dark cabal will not stop at anything to bring about chaos worldwide and try to force their New World Order on humanity. Besides the recent slew of manufactured environmental and ecological disasters and mass culling of birds, bees, beasts in the seas and on land and what-have-you, which country, region or continent have they not left unscathed since the manufactured event of September 11 in 2001? The latest casualty, so soon after Japan, is Libya and it smacks of an uncannily similar replay of the terrorism waged against Iraq in 2003. More chaos will be fomented that’s a certainty. Of every kind imaginable. In diverse places. Even to the extent of exploiting mother-earth’s transitional changes to exact greater damages and bring to pass their version of prophecies – to fool even the most elect. We are now living in challenging times. Also a time of exceeding confusion. And our collective fear is what they hope to extract and then feed on in order for them to accelerate our complete ‘enslavement.’ The Hegelian Dialetic of Problem, Reaction, Solution has been exploited to the hilt since time immemorial. To manipulate and fool humanity into surrendering our freedom and sovereignty – little by little, step by step – and it doesn’t look like they are ever going to stop. More than any other time, discernment is crucial at this point of our lives. Wake up, stay awake, and attain full consciousness and not be lulled into giving blind support to their devious and evil deceits.

But honestly there’s one other New World Oder that I would welcome without hesitation. The one that’s wrought from on high and I believe to be coming soon, too, “like a thief in the night” and “at the twinkling of an eye.” The devil, being the father of all lies, would no doubt be hell-bent to try and hijack even. So beware. And be aware – at all times!

David Icke’s website address is and the link to this video is here.

  1. Icke sounds good until you realize everything he tells you he is doing to you and you keep feeding at his trough…to each his own…

    • Hermes …

      If you’d notice, i feed myself at all kinds of troughs. Truths, half-truths and pure dis-info are everywhere and it’s this reason it’s imperative we excercise discernment and do our own research. There are nuggets of truths everywhere … including those that are hidden in plain sight in hypnotic Hollywood movies right down to the sometimes cryptic Good Book. Knowing the difference between nuggets of gold and fool’s gold is key – it takes personal effort and hours of research.

  2. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Nuggets of truth??? Does that include UFOs? Ewoon is an anti semite nutjob

    • oneworldmaybenot …

      Obviously when you have your head stuck deep in your butt it’s difficult for you to discern anything. With regard to UFOs you are in fact saying all these reputable people are liars at the following link … . And as for me being “an anti semite nutjob”, as you have put it, you are completely out of context. Suggest you pull your head out of your butt and clean up the sh*ts that are interfering with your intelligence should you possess any! ;)

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