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Illuminati’s de-population plan exposed by Japanese Princess Nakamaru and Italian Prince Zagami

March 27, 2011

BREAKING, Saturday, 26 March 2011:
* 1 million march on London
* Thousands gather in London for anti-cuts march


WTF. Can this be real? Has the world gone mad? Watch and listen for yourself …

Headline report, source here.

World de-population message carved in stone …

From → World Watch

  1. Hey There Iamamalaysian,
    Thanks for your thoughts, The Georgia Guidestones are a modern Stonehenge like monument payed for by a mysterious man who refused to be ID’ed and flew in & out of Georgia on private planes while working on the project’s plans. It openly predicts an apocalypse where the entire English speaking population is wiped of the face of Earth and advocates for a future society in which the population IS STRICTLY controlled and where most of Human enterprise is vastly limited. Due to the vast amount of undisturbed natural areas required to be set aside,all but a few members of the ruling class elite could have things like computers,cell phones, individualist non uniform clothing, and even electricitytiny. The elite would be bothe the stewards of the environment and the ones allowed to freely practice trade,entrepreneurship,or leadership.
    What other good evidence is there that these plans are being finalized? A good example I can think of is Daddy Bush’s constant references to the NWO.
    I look forward to your next post

  2. knowing that the Illuminati indeed do exist after doing some extensive research (extensive being for the whole night) especially their plans of reducing the population by so much? And the Georgia Guidestones are proof enough that thats what they’re going to do. Even though I have more knowledge now, I don’t know how going to live on living my life knowing something is going to happen. To some conspiracy theorists, I may be a sheeple but I’m not. I just choose not to live in fear and just continue living my life while I’m more aware of whats going on. This question is for the theorists themselves if there are any out there. I don’t need other sheeple to convince me otherwise. If I wear certain clothes, listen to certain musicians, does that mean I support the Illuminati? You tell me.

    To all the people that won’t believe me, google “Illuminati population reduction” and look for a blog on Facebook by Mark Dice. You’ll see for yourself.

  3. A wanna knw da story 1st

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