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MACC – jinxed victim of hard work and comedy of errors

April 12, 2011

Whether one cares to admit or not the present Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), under the leadership of Abu Kassim Mohamed, has transformed itself into an organization that works hard to live up to its name – i.e. a no-nonsense heart-and-soul anti-corruption body. Although this observation would place its former boss/es in an extremely bad light and therefore subject the ‘old’ commission to much ridicule, the MACC that exists today is not spared its share of problems.

It seems there’s a jinx plaguing it causing the MACC to trip over itself. And for the greater part it appears for every good step the commission takes forward, somehow something unexpected (and under normal circumstances most unlikely) would happen and cause it to move a couple of steps backward. Resulting in a debit of hard work done measured perhaps in years that would invariably take many more times the years to scrub clean and make good. The ill-preparedness and poor support of the Attorney General’s Chamber in prosecuting cases, as a recent example not so long ago has also shown, do not help either. Remember the laughable act of stupidity of one of the deputy public prosecutors in demonstrating to the court how one can strangle oneself? The video of him performing a mock choke by the throat on himself to ‘prove it was possible’ was taken by Malaysiakini (if I am not mistaken) and is now viral on the web. If that alone does not make you break into stitches, it will certainly make our quality of public prosecution a laughing stock worldwide.

This is most unfortunate. MACC it appears is currently chasing after its own tail and running round in circles. Years of hard work brought to naught in a blink of the eye by  unexpected and tragic events and unnecessarily forcing the commission to switch to damage-control mode. Wasting precious time, resource and energy – not something MACC and its current boss Abu Kassim Mohamed enjoy, I am sure. So let’s not even speak of demanding a throw in of the towel by the chief in the face of immense odds and discouragement. The excuse is potent and very tempting for the easily swayed. As we all know, running away is the easiest thing to do.

Seriously MACC’s run of bad luck first manifested itself with the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock in 2009. And now, while the Royal Commission of Inquiry into TBH’s death – which had been politically motivated and ardently clamoured for – is still in progress, another tragedy had struck. As reported, Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, a Selangor Customs assistant director officer under investigation for corruption, had fallen from the commission’s office in Selangor on 6 April 2011 resulting in his demise. The common denominator for both tragic deaths, albeit unfortunate for both souls and investigators alike, is that the tragic incidences occurred at the premises of MACC. My deepest condolences go to both the families of the deceased for their loss and grief.

Not wanting to let a tragedy go to waste, detractors and political parties, especially one in the shape of DAP, would be quick to jump to the fore and be seen championing the people’s concern and unhappiness. They will point fingers, bark conspiracies, clamour for more RCIs and insist on what-have-yous – more often than not even before an official investigation can be initiated let alone be concluded – so that the memory of the tragedy remains fresh and hot in the people’s minds. Whilst this modus operandi certainly makes DAP appears to be the champion of the people, what most do not know is that DAP has its motive for behaving the way it does. For the unsuspecting and less informed, by stoking the opportune emotional issue thus served on a silver platter, so to speak, the political party is in fact deflecting attention from itself and hope like hell the numerous glaring problems that beset it would dissipate. The problems are far too numerous to list here but for those who are interested to know can always visit the blog of one Wangsa Maju MP (google it, please) and be regaled by almost all its gory details. And when speaking of tenacious never-give-up bone-picking with the knowledge of a former insider, that blog is probably second to none where washing dirty linens in public of this party are concerned. From which also the same MP constantly heckles being accused of and was unceremoniously sacked for “not showing enough affection” to the party leaders. Certainly reminds me of the story of strange bed fellows! All the same, for what it is worth, the current perceived traits of both ‘sifu’ and ‘student’ can be observed to be almost too similar for they are perhaps of and from the same mould.

DAP will be DAP. It will politicise anything, everything. It will not stop at nitpicking on every issue it can latch itself to. Much like a guard dog tied to a leash at the gate post, which will not fail to bark at everything that moves near its vicinity. It wants itself to be heard at all cost and be seen to be relevant to its ‘master’ the unsuspecting public. All in all the ruckus and noise it makes a nuisance we can all live without. So no matter how much the MACC of now tries to do its best you can bet your bottom dollar DAP will be there to find fault, mostly for the wrong reasons in the name of public interest. The art of deflecting attention from its own short-comings is an art the party has honed to its finest. The latest antic being one coming from one Nga, “one DAP clown” as he has been referred to here, for hyper inflating the alleged number of deaths over many years in the commission’s custody. As always, DAP will not stop at trying to outdo its own ludicrousness. And it will never fail to amuse us ever so often – much to its own detriment.

MACC for now, while it labours doing its best over days and nights and into the wee hours most of the time, has no choice but to live with the ‘ticks’ that constantly infest and attack it, causing it to bloody itch incessantly. Like the proverbial saying goes … it comes with the job. If it’s any consolation, the reason MACC is getting so much wrong attention is because it must be doing a whole lot of right.

Following is a news comment that accurately encapsulates the unenviable position of the MACC currently …

Cool heads must prevail

… by the Sun Says @ Sun2Surf

NO ONE would want to be in the shoes of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) these days. Despite the good work it has done in weeding out corruption and investigating various government agencies, the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock in 2009 under suspicious circumstances had coloured public perception of an agency which, for all intents and purposes had been on the right path under its present leadership. The death of Selangor Customs assistant director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed on Wednesday under similar circumstances at the MACC Kuala Lumpur headquarters is not going to earn the MACC any new supporters. In fact, even those who had vehemently defended the commission before are distancing themselves from the MACC.


  1. prayingforamiracle permalink

    The MACC is nothing short of an international joke! We are the laughing stock of the world! Come on – Not only the chief but the Home Minister too ought to have resigned with immediate effect. Its not a question of running away. It is about being accountable.

    • prayingforamiracle …

      Talk is cheap. How about you being accountable yourself … let us know who you really are, at least. Hiding behind a nick like what you have is akin to “baling batu sembunyi tangan.” Your kind of funstuff, is it? Keep praying, hope you get your miracle soon.

  2. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    Ewoon is the pot calling the cattle black. Ewoon is a moniker. How about practising the spirit of blogworld openess of posting your real name on your blog? And including your real profile. Wow how convenient to lambast other people about hiding behind a nick.

    • oneworldmaybenot …

      Your stupidity never fails to amuse me. I suppose it’s clowns like you that bring light moments to this blog. Keep it up. The laughs are on you.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I read this article with great ridicule. Obviously, MACC is just a pawn in a political game. Now that something grave had happened, MACC had come up with all sorts of reasons and explanations provided by the chess master. Unfortunately Rakyat Malaysia aren’t like before and refused to believe. MACC even called Thai pathologist a lier and stuck on their own powerful politically backed version of suicide. It took so long and so much political power to come up with a more moderate version of “suicide”. It is confirmed a suicide but a forced one. Now I just want to imagine how a person can be forced to commit a suicide. By arrogant interrogation methods, rough handlings and dealings etc and just short of clear cut descriptions like sodomising! Anyway what ever the findings, the objective is to help lessen the blame on MACC. After all the political aide is gone and nothing can bring him back. Everyone still need to move on and preserve national peace in the spirit of 1 Malaysia.

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