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Why the bull on Osama by Obama

May 5, 2011

Update, 6 May 2011:
Obama: bin Laden sea burial ‘was respectful’ – Yeah, was he facing the Ka’aba in Mecca, according to Muslim rite? That would be respectful. Moreover, he did not kill the 3,000 as claimed. 9/11 was an inside job and it was the administration that killed the 3,000.

Even this picture is a staged fake? Read more here.

As I continue to research on the announcement by Obama on May 1 of the death of  Osama, here are the likely reasons why he had to do it:

(Please note before he made the ‘dramatic’ announcement, the US administration conveniently released his “long form” birth certificate on the USG website a few days before – this apparently is to confirm the legitimacy of his presidency.)

1. To deflect attention from the expositions of his faked birth certificate

2. To shore up his popularity rating which has been at its lowest so that he would stand a chance to have another go at the US presidency – (Americans love a hero for a president)

3. To illicit the anger of the alleged extremist supporters of OBL to make incendiary remarks and carry out retaliations so that a red flag like 9/11 can be manufactured (remember Problem>Reaction>Solution?) and a new war can be launched (watch out Iran, Pakistan)

4. To stretch the timing further for the collapse of the US dollar which is now a fiat currency

Considering the fact the death of OBL would have been a momentous event for Obama … and he has no real, current, fresh-from-the-oven pictures or videos to show for it? Unlike the days of Bush Junior when there were pictures of an unshaven Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole underground in some backyard and a video of his hanging where we could hear the sound of his neck being snapped.

Come on, Obama, what bull is this? A quick burial at sea? How convenient and now you are really upsetting the extremists for there’s no way you can ensure that the body of OBL would be facing the Ka’aba at Mecca during his ‘burial.’

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  1. please do some research and comfirm that Orang Asli was first in Malaysia, 2nd Indians & Chinese…and last Malays…. Then change your religion from Islam to Christian and see if it helps your poor mental state of Illusion. Why Umno malays are beyond help and if need be please invoke May 13…Malaysia will NOT exist in the same manner EVER….there will be 12 different autonomous State…That I can assure you….sultan just be ceremonial and doing the wishes of the people.. After Perak and Kelantan Sultan Derhaka Bapak…No thanks to tamaddun melayu…all a sham. Why not do some research there…it affects your Sham Lies if not corrected quickly!!

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