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Serial acid splasher/s on the loose in KL!

May 10, 2011

So far, more than 20 women (and babies/children) have been splashed with acid resulting in serious burns and blindness for some. According to the police, the psychos (rider and pillion) are of ‘dark complexion’ and ride either a small c.c. Honda Wave or Yamaha bike.

The hit-and-run attacks first started in Bangsar and has now moved on to other parts in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently the acid attacks also occur in car parks. Motive is unknown.

So ladies, please be alert!!!

The police should work harder and bring the criminals to book soon. They deserve many strokes of the rottan, which incidentally is cured with acid!

For more on this acid attack, read HERE and HERE.

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  1. Mansor permalink

    This attackers are trying to challenge our Malaysian police. Therefore, policemen out there , don just going around doing nothing. The whole city is in havoc now because they thought you can’t do anything and truth is you really can’t ! Evry murder case , you can’t solve, Evry crime you can’t handle well! Pls watch CSI to learn more !

    • Anonymous permalink

      CSI is fake, you do realize that right? In real life most cases take years to solve. Even the US has many unsolved cases. Maybe we should encourage the PDRM to allocate more resources to solve the case but why criticize them by comparing them to a damn TV show. I am sure they have the public in mind when they go to work. Give them a break

  2. Jason permalink

    One of the best way is to make all these acids a control item, meaning you need to produce your IC to buy it. And for company , if they buy for productive use they need to provide justification/prove of the usage amount.
    Then form there we will be able to zoom in to the culprits.

  3. Jason permalink

    Another option is to ban all the motorbikes form KL’s road – also can get ride the snatch theft and illegal racing. This move will also reduce crimes related to bikers and reduce polotion.
    From 6.00am to 12.00am – just take public transport

  4. Don’t put the blame on the police. CSI is full of bullshit and in fact, in Hong Kong previously had this kind of serial acid splasher and they faced difficult time to trace the culprits before they could arrest them.

    Instead being good at blaming the police, why don’t you act like Jason who comes out with ideas on how to prevent another acid splashing case.

    Or you’ll turn out to be some kind of mental ill person who always blame other people and finally hurt other people when they don’t act like what you want. Just like the serial acid splasher =)

  5. Asim permalink

    My, Jason is somehow correct…this case is very easy to control but dun u notice that our police is just wariding around and only kacau people who are very innocent asking them about IC <<what do they wanna do with normal people's IC ??

    they better go chase those MF who are doing all the crimes in malaysia…so many cases they just cant handle,,I have been to sooo many countries and most of them have criminals but within 24 hours these criminals will be crying in jail..and the best police system i have ever seen was in Saudi Arabia…even when criminals wanna do something they would think hundreds of times cos they are very sure that the police will get their asses very soon…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Please don’t compare us with Saudi Arabia. I too have visited that country in June 2010 and although it is the holy land I was a little disconcerted by the fact that women cant drive, no foreigner can become a Saudi, they all have domestic servants and drivers and a religious police that acts above the law. Our PDRM – I have respect for. Saudi religious police who block girls in their school while it’s on fire – I have no respect for and pity for their ‘holier-than-thou’ outlook on the world. PDRM will get this solved. Yet knowing us malaysians, we’ll complain and compare no realizing other countries are the same or worst (except Scandinavian countries)

  6. Jane permalink

    stupid man..endangering the lives of the citizens…get a life! is he getting a revenge? pouring acids on women doesnt prove that youre smart…youre literally just embarassing the whole country….if anything happens to my family,i will never let u embarassing for the country to have such a citizen living in malaysia….

  7. Rhinna permalink

    Jason.. banning bikes is not a salutation!

  8. Rhinna permalink

    make all these acids a control item is

  9. Why isn’t the government / police seeing this as an important case and taking some serious action before it gets worst?! Are they waiting for the victim rate to increase to a hundred over for them to do something about it?! This is a mental criminal on the lose who is a danger and threat to society of women and children and families!

  10. JOE permalink

    I’m an indian citizen of Malaysia,and i feel so ashamed of this acid splasher and im hoping this animal will be caught as soon as possible. As for the public you should be more safe on the road, try to walk against the traffic all the time. My suggestion is If the public caught this animal red-handed please splash acid on him in the public so that he will know what others feels like when he splashes on those innocent victims.Thanks

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Now its spreading to borneo already, they’re using this method to rob people. today 1 girl was sitting in her car when this acid splasher came and splash acid on her face and rod her… if i caught this fucker red handed sure ill let them drink the acid and watch then dance…

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