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Extraterrestrials: To believe or not to believe? To be or not to be?

June 30, 2011

The subject of the existence of extraterrestrial entities (beings, intelligence, life, ETs, aliens, angels, UFOs, greys or ascended masters depending on how one has been coached to refer to them) is bound to get people excited – one way or another.

Those labelled “conspiracy theorists” fervently believe they do exist. Those who are traditionally comfortable with their hand-me-down belief systems will categorically deny they exist. Those who are curious, well, are just curious – one way or the other “also can lah” and these are the ones who will usually keep their minds open and make use of their grey matters.

For those who really want to get at the truth can google the subject and voila! the information, half-truths or disinformation that surface can be overwhelming. Whatever it is use discernment, ok?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter which group you may fall under, here are 2 video clips I find interesting and telling and it’s up to you what you want to make of them.

The first confirms, once and for all, whether Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman was really appointed by the UN to be the “Space Ambassador to greet alien visitors” in the event they pop in for a visit to planet earth …

The second highlights the fact the Argentinian authority has on May 26, 2011 formed a UFO commission to study aerospace phenomena. The commission is headed by the air force under the Ministry of Defence and is called (what do you expect?) the Commission for Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena

Here’s a picture of the commission’s logo …

For the source of this news item and to read more, click HERE.

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