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Reserve Bank of Australia “Dirty money” arrests …

July 2, 2011

Update, 3 July 2011: Duo charged for graft over banknote printing job

Can MACC confirm whether husband of alleged “high official of Bank Negara Malaysia” a possible party to bribery scandal?

Courtesy of pix from The Sydney Morning Herald

The above headline story connected with Securency International, Note Printing Australia and Reserve Bank of Australia is big news. Apparently the “Arrests follow a long-running investigation into Reserve Bank money-makers …”

It is getting bigger now because a follow-up story had been headlined: “Bank bribes: more arrests imminent”

But this news could get even bigger if an investigation into the alleged ‘high official’ Malaysian connection of this scandal had been carried out and proven to have some traction. The call to our Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate was made, I think, sometime on 22 July 2010.

If my memory serves me right, I believe it was a so-called ‘leaper of a KL MP,’ so labelled by his former political party members, to do so in his blog. He wrote something to this effect: That at the time he had received rumours that “the husband of a very high official in BNM is strongly implicated….”

Like I said, if my memory is still intact, this same so-called ‘leaper of a KL MP’ whose constituency is famous for a road associated with Genting Klang had probably also included this paragraph: “… As a matter of national interest, I urge the MACC to immediately conduct a more thorough investigation locally so that we can take steps to quickly salvage our reputation should the alleged corrupt practice, as reported, is less than accurate….” or something like that.

So naturally my question to MACC now would be: Did you conduct an investigation and ascertain that no such ‘corrupt practice’ had transpired and that nothing was swept under the carpet to cover up?

Maybe MACC had forgotten to look into this matter just as the same so-called ‘leaper of a KL MP” had forgotten to follow up on this matter – as I don’t remember hearing or coming across any reported piece of him having done so. This seeming lack of “national interest” responsibility could be due to a probable advance debilitation of a physical nature, or something related. Or it could be just plain simple forgetfulness due to the likelihood of having celebrated too many birthdays.

Either way, both MACC and this so-called ‘leaper of a KL MP’ are at fault. Most, I believe, like to call this simply “dereliction of duty.” Langsung tak boleh pakai lagi, lor.

Dirty money” –

Bank bribes: more arrests imminent” –

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