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Wake up people, wake up! We have all been had for far too long!

August 8, 2011

Even they, as in this video …


The Israeli Awakening?

We have all been had for far too long …

by the very people we vote into power to represent us and to govern. They are not there to carry out our bidding, placing our welfare before theirs. They have sweet-talked and tricked us for our votes so they can have the licence to enrich themselves, their families and their cronies. Yes, they will give us the crumbs with their right hand and take the loaves with their left. And don’t even think for a moment the seemingly well-meaning, earnest and ambitious so-called Opposition or “Champions of Change” are going to be any different. They are merely variations of the same theme.

Wake up people! Wake up us all suckers! The people we vote into government are not there to help us ‘we the people’ but themselves! They will divide and rule. They will create and take advantage of every crisis. They will manipulate us and everything we give them licence to do as they wish.

They will pitch one faith against the other. They will stoke race, color and creed. They will mangle the highest law in the land. They will brain-wash with the mainstream media. They will hold the judiciary to ransom. They will suppress justice. They will mismanage, steal and sell the nation’s wealth and natural resources. They will thrash the economy. They will loot public funds, financial institutions and the central bank. They will privatize essential public services like water, electricity, telecommunication, health care and highways. They will dumb-down education. They will compartmentalize us. They will say one thing, do another. They will fake and withhold information. They will fudge statistics. They will mind-control and turn the unwary mass into sheeples. They will play the stock market. They will fiddle with interest rates to restrict the growth of and rob our hard-earned wealth. They will propagate, hijack and prolong issues. They will sell their souls to the international fraternities and do their bidding. They will pawn away our national sovereignty. They will falsify inflation. They will jack up prices to burden and enslave us. They will dream up every possible tax, duty and levy. They will practice two sets of laws – one for we the people and one for themselves and their cohorts. They will drum up wars for profit in the name of peace and security. They will abuse power absolutely!

You get the picture by now, don’t you? Please add to the list as you see fit.

But the most pernicious of all they will corrupt and beguile the ‘uniformed brigades,’ police and armed forces to do their dirty gangster work – and these are the ones who are the dumbest at risk of their own limbs and lives in the front-line for their evil, puppeteer masters!

Wake up people, wake up. Wake up you dumb ‘puppets’! For when you refuse to co-operate and lay down your batons, tear gases, tazers, handcuffs and guns and give up your mercenary jobs, all forms of bullies, corruptions and wars will cease! Why risk your limbs and lives for the dastard schemers when they themselves will never ever risk theirs or their families?

Wake up people, wake up. We have all been had for so long we have almost become zombies. Stop listening to and buying in to the propaganda. Keep the peace among us – always.

When all co-operation with evil stop, evil will cease to exist. Especially wars.

Peace to you. Peace to humanity.


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