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Nibiru / Marduk ‘special report’ by the Russians …

August 11, 2011

Update: More strange phenomenon …
Cloud falls out of sky onto ground in UAE

Update 2: (Discernment highly recommended)
ELEnin: The Coming 3 Days of Darkness
Nibiru Insider And His Astronomers Confirm Location Of Nibiru Live On Air!! Slightly Behind Elenin!

Update 3:
Anomalies of the Errant Moon?source

At least they are saying something about this celestial body that’s heading our way …

while the rest of the advance world choose to have their heads stuck beneath the sand as though there’s nothing unusual occurring, to see or shout about.

But there is something not right as far as I can tell.You don’t have to believe me.

All you have to do is look up at the sky and look at the moon. Notice how the moon is already looking strange and out of phase/cycle? (At the time of this post at least.) It’s only the twelfth night of the month according to the Chinese calendar and the moon is nearly full when it should not be the case! What the fook is happening? Will this cause confusion for my Muslim friends who would normally sight for a ‘new’ moon in order to celebrate Hari Raya when the time comes in about 2 weeks time? I really don’t know. Do you? And why are there no official blurbs by authorities around the globe about this strange phenomenon? What is there to hide?

Anyway, with reference to the alleged Nibiru / Marduk approaching us, for whatever it is worth, please watch the video and make up your own mind what is really happening … enjoy, yah.


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