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Michio Kaku, please spare me the bullshit!

August 15, 2011

Ha ha ha (sigh), believe it or not, this physicist can spin better than all the mainstream talking-heads put together


Just give a listen to this fast-talking, fear mongering and ‘aliens invasion’ spinmeister physicist and you’ll know what I mean.

Honestly, he can be quite entertaining … that is, if you can follow his contradictory and circumlocutory gobbledegook. Not a bad job, though, on the probable behest of his paying One World Order hopeful masters.

Michio, let’s cut to the chase. Let’s drill down to just this one aspect rather than spewing speculations about this and that left, right and center. How about just pondering over the aliens’ crafts alone before conjecturing about their weaponry capability to invade earth and what have you? There’s really no need to want to ‘examine’ their crafts and firepower okay because there’s no way you and your band of black ‘space scientists’ can catch up with the speed of their crafts nor down them.

Here goes … What  propulsion system do the ‘invading aliens’ use for their crafts? What fuel do their crafts burn, if they use any combustion system at all? What make their crafts able to do dead stops in mid air from flash speed? What technology allow their crafts to do sharp angle turns in an instant without disintegrating their crafts? What physics would you apply to explain their crafts’ “now you see me, now you don’t” speed?

I think these 5 questions alone will be sufficient to keep your “theoretical physicist brain” busy for quite a while. Good sell though on the Discovery “Curiosity” series promo. Perhaps you should just concentrate on this advisory role for their most likely fake-science, disinfo videos instead of making a fool of yourself by talking gibberish. You made me laughed so hard my sides hurt! Wait, how about considering becoming a stand-up comic, too? The void left behind by George Carlin (God bless his soul) is yet to be filled. Ha … ha … ha (in deliberate descending loudness.)

I thought you were made of better stuff. Now I know better. What a shill.


  1. Glad somebody is on to this faker. Too many idiots out there. The only smart thing this guy ever did was being able to abuse the stupidity of the masses so he can be a some kind of a celebrity.

    The best irony of all is how he protested against ineffective and inefficient science yet he’s selling String Theory bullshit like hotdogs to the masses and acquires much needed funds for further study of this nonsense. This man is sickening.

  2. Kia permalink

    …We don’t even have physical evidence of UFO sightings and you’re talking like UFO appearing and disappearing is a normal occurrence…

    Also, the way you type is quite childish. Anytime you wish to degrade other people, please refrain from ‘ha ha ha’-ing. It lowers down your professionalism even more as if it’s not down in the dumps already.

  3. Thavish Annal permalink

    In the future, please try to refrain from insulting Dr Kaku. Using words like gobbledegook against someone who knows their way around quantum mechanics isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do, and it would serve you well to be more respectful of one the most brilliant physicists of the 21st Century. And just for the record, the idea of not trying to find out how something works just because you can’t possibly hope to replicate it is a foolish notion that belongs to the Dark Ages. Think about that the next time you laugh in ‘deliberate descending loudness’.

  4. George permalink

    Kaku is wrong, dead wrong.

    String theory is wrong too because the Universe doesn’t have 11 dimensions it has exactly 16 and a half.

    And don’t give me you’re “You’re making that up” – maybe I am, but can you disprove to me that there are 16.5 dimensions? If it’s good enough for String Theory and Kaku to come up with this sort of pop science then it’s good enough for my theory, BSBSM.

    • You need to prove it nevertheless. That’s how science works. My proposal is to come up with an unpenetrable formula. If somebody is on to you then add another dimension to obfuscate it some more.

  5. Thavish Annal permalink

    A few months ago a friend of mine posted a comment in my name. I would appreciate it if the comment could be taken down. I appreciate you taking your time to help and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you

  6. Niko permalink

    Well said, and in regards to people criticizing how you poked fun, I too am fed up with how he chose/chooses to portray himself. Falling into this mainstream loop of entertaining the bottom end of society just for a few ratings and cheap thrills. His outburst against the (I believe) Russian interviewer, disgusted me. Here we have a credited academic behaving like a juvenile politician, all fear tactics and deflecting anything that makes him feel inadequate or cornered. The man could have rooms stacked with degrees, as far as being a rational open minded being, he fails at that miserably.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sorry folks
      Just have a look at the Kesh Foundation (MT KESHE) on utube etc
      And you might change yur mind
      Signed: “Mr Uptodate”!!!hahaha!!

  7. Hengist Podd permalink

    he’s a freeloading bullshitter
    get rid of him, he’s not welcome

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