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The banking system and how it creates money – out of fresh air

September 1, 2011

No other person I know can explain this (seemingly) complicated subject better than David Icke.

He makes it very simple to understand and you’d wonder why this scam has escaped you all this while. Two possibilities. You could still have been asleep, and, no school or university on earth would teach you this subject because the controllers of the world do not want you to know!

So wake up and take a lesson in one of the most important subjects in your life. It is a scam so well-hidden that you’d never guess why you and your family have been enslaved to ‘struggle’ and pay off the interest and capital sum you have borrowed that never even existed in the first place.

Here’s an expanded lesson on the same subject and you’ll learn how the banksters and their ‘order-takers’ will conspire together to manipulate everything in life … (note: introduction is non-English)

  1. This has become my favourite subject of late. I’ve watched a lot of clips dealing with the banking system. I love how G.Edward Griffin elaborates the trail to the system back in 1910 with his clip entitled “A creature from Jekyl Island”. I also watched the late Joan Veon in her 12 series clip entitled “when central banks rule the world”. But the most provoking of all is “A confession of an economic hitman” by John Perkins. It opens my eyes wide enough to see the corrupt system and how the entire nation is enslaved to the bankers. The solution to it, I believe, lies in the talks of “Islam and the world monetary system” by Sheikh Imran Hoesin.

  2. oneworldmaybenot permalink

    without banks which ewoon demonises, he would not be sitting in his house which presumably he bought with a housing loan from a bank (gasp!) typing out his ignoramous blog. Without banks many people and twits like ewoon probably will have wait until age 60 before they can save enough for a house if ever

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