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A court is [like] a church and a bank?

September 4, 2011

… and more!


It’s amazing how little we know and take things for granted. Time to wake up, folks. Here’s a bit of history – a dark and hidden history – that will expose the ‘system’ that is foisted on humanity to manipulate and control us.

Don’t kid yourself, what’s presented here is not only localised to the US of A, but also applies to a large extent to the greater part of the world, especially if a country has been under colonial rule before.

The following is a series of 2 presentations that will give you an insight into what is really happening in the world that we live in. The first one is by Santos Bonacci and the second one is jointly by Jordan Maxwell and Jason Whitney. And just in case you think the first presentation is an eye-opener, wait till you go through the second one . You’ll probably want to kick yourself for not ‘seeing it’ when it’s all happening right before your eyes and straight in your face! Enjoy.

Presentation by Santos Bonacci

Presentation by Jordan Maxwell and Jason Whitney …

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