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The truth about Libya and Muammar Qaddafi (2)

September 5, 2011

Letter From Tripoli – Carnage of the Innocent

Understanding the Green Book, Libyan politics and “Jamahiriya” where the people rule themselves by themselves – not by government

Jamahiriya = State of the People = Rule of the People by Themselves

The people of the world can learn plenty from Libya. Where government is no longer necessary – obsolete! Where parliament is non-existent and a farce of the past. Libya has no general elections. No elected representatives. No prime minister. No cabinet. The people rule themselves! And it is working wonderfully. Well done, Libya and Qaddafi!

Haven’t you noticed? Governments have never worked and they never will. Because the so-called elected leaders in governments can be corrupted by power, money and sex. The exact same “incentives” economic hitmen of the IMF, World Bank, whatever, use to entice and entrap leaders of governments, including bribing them with billions to undertake huge development projects that don’t really benefit the people – and all at the expense of the people themselves!

The old and corrupt idea of a few (the elites) to control and rule over the many (the masses of people) should be hung out to dry.

Every living soul is a divine being, is created equal and has inalienable rights guaranteed from on high. Figure this out, people. One being from the Andromeda Council once persuaded one of us terrans (that’s what we earth people are referred to by the extraterrestrials) to explain the concept of money and how it works. At the end, the following questions were asked of us:  “Why is it you have to pay for anything on a planet that you are born in? How did this happen? Who decided that he/she can have ownership to the things that are on, under and in the land, air and water and their derivatives that he/she did not create?” Hmm, something to ponder over. So, it seems some people have usurped the place of the Most High and are playing god on planet earth. But I digress.

The controllers of the world, in truth, find Qaddafi’s radical and innovative “ideas and actions” a very real threat. They know that if and when the world wakes up to his new thinking of how a country today should be operating, all their manipulations, controls and consequently, wealth, will evaporate. Qaddafi is a nightmare to the dark cabal because Qaddafi does what he says. He ensures the people rule themselves. He ensures the country’s wealth and resources belong to and are enjoyed by the people. (See video at The truth about Libya and Muammar Qaddafi.) That is why they want Qaddafi out. That is why they carry out black ops to invade Libya and finance the country’s stupid and greedy regressors to fight and kill their own people. And while they are there maiming and killing innocent Libyans, mothers and children they will also steal the country’s oil, gold, treasures and resources – without fail.

That is what they did to Iraq and every country they have invaded. That is what the dark cabal will do with every war they create and wage with the help of their lies and propaganda. Wake up, people,wake up!

Stop The Lies!
Stop The Invasion of Libya!
Stop All Wars!


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