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Benjamin Fulford: The real reason behind the 9/11 Terror

September 13, 2011

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“In honor of the victims worldwide of the 911 terror attacks and false flag wars” and due to the significance of the revelation, this week’s newsletter by Benjamin Fulford on his pay-to-read blog will be available for all to read at his free blog.

To the Skeptics: Guess we will never get to know what really goes on behind the scenes unless the truth is told us, isn’t it? Never take anything at face value, bro.

The real reason behind the 9/11 Terror was a battle for Control of the Global Collateral Accounts

by Benjamin Fulford
12 September 2011

Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system. Fewer still realize the 311 nuclear tsunami attack against Japan was also part of this battle. However, a critical mass of military, law-enforcement, banking and other officials has identified and is about to arrest the culprits behind these and other attacks. The search for the ultimate culprits led to something known as the global collateral accounts and a high level group of conspirators that illegally took them over. These accounts are backed by the pooled assets of many of the world’s governments and were meant to be used to finance peaceful development. Instead, they were mostly misspent on war by a group of misguided oligarchs concentrated in the financial, military, oil and (to a lesser extent) pharmaceutical industries.

According to a US intelligence group that has been on this case for some time, the top cabalists include George Bushes Jr.&Sr, Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Senator J. Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and the Pope. Of course there were many thousands of working below them or else above them in the shadows who were in on the scheme. The intelligence and police agencies of the world have now obtained the codes for the global collateral accounts and can trace in detail who has been using these funds, and for what purpose, ever since they were hijacked in the 1950’s.

The main plot line, for those of readers who still do not have the big picture, goes back to the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944. At that time England, France and the US were supposed to run the global financial system for a 50-year period ending in 1994. However, in the 1950’s it became clear these countries were not going to keep their promises of Marshal Plans to develop Asia and Africa. Instead they wanted to finance a dialectical fake “cold war” between the Soviets and the “Western World,” in order to benefit the military, oil and related industries.

When U.S. President John F. Kennedy agreed with the 77-nation non-aligned group to create US treasury dollars to finance the development of the third world and a trip to the moon, he was killed. Over the coming decades other non-aligned leaders were also killed, hounded out of power or intimidated into silence.

The cold war was wound down and the Soviet Union was dismantled in the run up to the end of the US/French/British Bretton Woods financial mandates. However, the esoteric group at the top of the financial system could not agree on what was to come next.

The Chinese and their non-aligned allies around the world rightly argued that their turn had come. Furthermore, they were armed with multi-trillion dollar certificates of various sorts given to them by the Western Powers.

In one example, in 1938 7 US warships took vast amounts of Chinese gold to the US in order to keep it out of Japanese hands. In exchange the Chinese were given Treasury bonds that expired in 60-years or 1998. When that time came, the Chinese owners asked for their gold back but the owners of the Federal Reserve Board refused. The Feds were sued at the International Court of Justice in the Hague and lost.

The owners of the Fed were supposed to hand back the first shipment of gold on September 12th, 2001. As those of us who are not brainwashed understand, the Feds gave the world the “finger,” on September 11, 2001 and instead embarked on a vast new military build-up intended to replace the cold war.

The problem with this fake war on terror is that it required the rest of the world to continue financing the US military industrial complex. That was predicated on the complex being able to maintain control over oil, the lifeblood of the 20th century economy.

When Putin kicked the cabalists out of Russia, suddenly the cabal’s control over oil, and thus their stranglehold over much of the world’s economy, began to collapse.

The battle has now raged on for a decade. The 911 attack on the US was followed up by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan aimed at stealing oil and obtaining illegal drug money.

However, the entire plan began to crumble after 2006 when the Chinese began to stop buying US Treasury certificates. The cabal tried to counter this by jacking up food and oil prices. When that failed and a counterattack known as the “Lehman Shock” took place, they started sucking up to China and trying to bribe top Chinese officials with promises of a global Chinese dictatorship (in partnership with the cabal). This was seen in the news as US President Obama going to China in 2009 and offering a “G2.”

More action took place in June of 2009 when two Japanese carrying $134.5 billion of various bonds were seized in Italy and had their bonds taken. US military and law enforcement types followed the trail to an organization known as the OITC and a Cambodian royal family member by the name of R.C. Dam who theoretical was the legal signator to the global collateral accounts. From there the trail led to cabal members located at the very top of the Western power structure.

Fearing arrest or more, a menagerie of top members of the Western Who’s Who popped out of the woodwork trying to cut deals and offering secrets.

Until this mess can be sorted out, a freeze has been put out at the very highest levels of the global financial system. This is what is ultimately behind the recent financial turmoil seen around the world. Because of the incredibly sensitive nature of the situation, a blanket of secrecy has been put in place until this mess can be sorted out.

The best intelligence available says that many cabal members will be put in jail while many others, who are judged to have sincerely worked with the greater good in mind, will be allowed to stay free and stay rich.

There will also be some sort of announcements to the global public at large about what has been going on. Humanity will then enter uncharted waters.

A message to subscribers. This week, in honor of the victims worldwide of the 911 terror attacks and false flag wars, this week’s newsletter will also be put on my free blog. Your understanding is appreciated.

  1. Everyone should read this. I’m going to share it with everyone I know.

  2. I think Benjamin is missing something huge. Here it is: First we have to go back to the 11th century when the Knights Templar reigned. The Catholic Church set up the Knights Templar to protect Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. The Knights Templar became very powerful and wealthy beyond belief. They in fact originated the first Banking System. Philip IV of France became so indebted to the Knights Templar that he couldn’t even begin to ever repay them…so he destroyed them. He accused the leaders of heresy, of urinating on the cross and other despicable acts and burned them at the stake. Suddenly, King Philip was no longer indebted to the Knights Templar.
    Fast forward to 911. 911 was set up to ultimately accomplish one objective. Rid the US of Debt to China. To accomplish this it is necessary to Declare War on China…and The US has no reason. 911 began the road to war with China. There is no way to wage an effective war with China unless one deals with Iran first. And no sitting US President has done anything about Iran since The Shah was overthrown. To wage war on China, you first have to wage war on Iran, and you cannot wage an effective war against Iran with Saddam Hussein in control of Iraq. So it became necessary to first rid the world of Saddam Hussein. Saddam is long dead. We are no longer in Iraq and we are winding down in Afghanistan. And we are now all hearing about Iran’s desire for Nuclear weapons. We have all heard how Iran has threatened Israel with annihilation. Just as 911 was set-up by The Controlling Entity so will the destruction of Israel be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~~~~~~~~~~~ Following is the likely scenario:

    Iran will have a nuclear weapon. They will use it against Israel. This will cause Congress to Declare War on Iran. The Stage is already set for easy access to the battlefield with the destruction of the enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq. This will cause a sudden decrease in the amount of oil available to China and China will be forced to become involved in the conflict. Another False Flag (or maybe it won’t be a false flag) will see China attacking American soldiers in such a way as to cause Congress to Declare War on China. A fast paced set of dramatic events which end in war with China. Once China has attacked the US has declared war on China; The US will simply refuse to repay China anything…ever. This will initially throw the world monetary system into chaos but the end result will be stability and supremacy of the US dollar. The End Game here is and always has been Stability and Control of the World Monetary Supply.
    The Controlling Entity exists as several layers. Each layer is a small group of very wealthy, very powerful individuals. Each group believes that IT is the top layer. The Presidency is the bottom layer. They are the ‘reactors’. They react to World Events, but believe they are shaping World Events. The Second Tier are those who set-up the strategies…911, etc. The Top Tier are the Planners…these are the Visionaries who see what to do in order to bring about their number one objective…. Stability and Control of the World Monetary Supply. It is a Chess Game in which we are all pawns.

  3. Iran attacking Israel will be a false flag.

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