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Controllers of the world being taken down, arrested, and has ?agreed? to surrender

September 18, 2011

Following are reports of the dark cabal (that has been holding humanity hostage for a long time) which will never see the light of day with the MainStream Media … Click on link below to listen first-hand of first part of what’s happening … Highly explosive stuffs … Sounds like a Tom Clancy novel but it is not; it’s unreported reality that will blow you away!

David Wilcock interviews Benjamin Fulford – Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed on 23 August 2011

“… a massive earthquake cracked the Washington Monument in the pyramidion
— right where the Eye would be.”

Then click on link below for in-coming updates as they happen, by David Wilcock of Divine Cosmos(Scroll down to near-bottom of page for latest updates. Top section is a transcript of the audio interview above which is interspersed with ‘highly revealing’ comments by David Wilcock.)

Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

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