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Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake

October 15, 2011

* Mr. President, We Believe Holder Lied on Iran Terror
* The Coordinated Big Lie Goes On … Illuminati Agency ‘To Release [Made Up] Evidence’ Of Iran Nuclear Programme
* IAEA to Release [Fake] “Evidence” Iran Secretly Working on Nuke Program
* Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot
* Former US General Wesley Clark Reveals False Flag Plans To Attack Iran
* ‘Israelis, Saudis’ behind Iran terror plot – Press TV News

Not even good propaganda
By Justin Raimondo, October 12, 2011

Fake, fake, fake – I’m talking about the latest anti-Iranian propaganda coming out of Washington, which claims the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were involved in a “plot” to take out the Saudi ambassador to the US and blow up both the Saudi and Israeli embassies. The narrative reads like a formulaic melodrama: two Iranians, one a naturalized US citizen, purportedly approached someone they thought was a member of a Mexican drug cartel – according to the indictment [.pdf], it was a “sophisticated” drug cartel, not the plebeian sort – and proposed paying him $1.5 million to murder Adel al Jubeir, the Kingdom’s ambassador in Washington – oh, and by the way, the Iranians supposedly said, “Are you guys any good with explosives?”

The key to understanding just how fake this story is can be found in the New York Times report, which informs us:

“For the entire operation, the government’s confidential sources were monitored and guided by federal law enforcement agents, Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District, said in the news conference. ‘So no explosives were actually ever placed anywhere,’ he said, ‘and no one was actually in ever in any danger.’”


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  1. And then pr puff piece Stratfor rolls off with the geopolitical strategies of how everyone will respond. The speed of change is accelerating. Please fasten seat belts we are about to be leaving Kansas Dorthy!

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