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A marine knocking sense into a pack of cops

October 18, 2011

* Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas stands up to shameful NYPD
* Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas defends OWS protesters – [Another angle]

This happened at Occupy Times Square in New York. Yeah, there should be more marines like Sgt. Shamar Thomas to stand up for the People of America whom he had gone to fight wars to protect … Certainly agree, there’s HONOUR in what he did by telling the cowards off. Hey copper, try acting tough when a hail of bullets are flying towards your direction! A bunch of good for nothing cowards.

Marines at OWS tell Sean Hannity to “fuck off”

Source HERE

  1. the marine was a fake. he was never a front line soldier. he works as a rear achelon desk driver

    he is acting like he is one of the front liners. No shame and he brought shame to the corp by wearing his came when not on duty

    he is not a marine. Just a glory hunting former marine who never done anything. Shame


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