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Zero-point energy, or, in layman’s language – Free Energy!

November 5, 2011

* Secret of Nikola Tesla (full length movie)
* Nikola Tesla—The Man Who Electrified The World!!

Do we really need loads of oil, gas, coal, water, wind or nuclear reactors to generate electricity?

Hell, NO!!!

The solution has always been there but some evil people do not want humanity to have it. It’s about time we the 99% rise up and hang these b@st@rds by the lamp posts for enslaving us! Nikola Tesla was the first to discover the way to harness free energy years ago but he was stopped in his tracks and his research and work were hidden from humanity so we would forever be dependent on fossil oil and pay its ever escalating high price! Muammer Yildiz‘s recent contraption of magnets has been one of the most sophisticated and convincing working prototypes I have ‘seen’ to-date in generating free energy. I pray for his life to be long so he can continue to develop and enhance this ‘free energy’ technology to the limit, for the benefit of humanity. Imagine NEVER having to pay for electricity and petrol ever again! What more, when free energy is available worldwide, the prices of everything in the world will consequently plummet and poverty and senseless wars will also be gone forever!

Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943

Would our prime minister and our people’s representatives (hello, parliament!) have the bola-s to embrace, pursue and encourage the adoption of this technology and let Malaysians enjoy free energy? This would be a world’s first! Do it Najib and I guarantee you you’ll will win the 13th General Election with a historical record-breaking landslide victory without having to go a-campaigning! Anwar Ibrahim and his goons would not stand a chance and would be ‘buried’ forever! (Hmm, who was it that used the b-word before on the brudder? Ingat tak, beruk?)

  1. jmlldn permalink

    The Johnson Motor: another device that produces Free Energy.

  2. jmlldn permalink

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