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The older your tyres the more dangerous they become

November 7, 2011

Check the age of your tyres for your life may depend on it!

Most folks are not aware that tyres have a shelf-life. The older they are the more dangerous they become. When they are old, the tyres would ‘dry up’ and therefore lose efficiency as well as effectiveness. So don’t be too happy that your ‘friendly’ tyre shop gave you a ‘great deal’ for a set of ‘brand new’ boots that you have been eyeing – they may have been manufactured many years ago! Too old probably to be safe for use on your vehicle. By my standard, any tyre more than 2 years old at the time of purchase is a No, No. Considering a set of tyres would normally last for about 2 years with normal use and their road-worthiness probably rated good for about 4, it’s crucial you know the age of your tyres. So take responsibility for yourself and your loved ones and know this fact. And don’t forget to check the age of your spare tyre, too. They are most probably far too old for safe use. Here’s how to ‘tell’ when your tyres were manufactured … watch this video …

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