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Thrive – The Movie [Must watch!]

November 22, 2011

* Webster Tarpley: The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination
* Részlet Brandrede Farrakhan beszédéből

Blowing wide open the secrets the evil 1% has put into motion to enslave – and ultimately exterminate – the seemingly clueless rest of the 99%

After 120 minutes, if this piece of well-researched and fine work (created and hosted by Foster Gamble) does not wake you up and make you realize that you and your loved ones have been herded and manipulated into living a false and satanic reality, then nothing else probably will …

… until perhaps it is proverbially too late. Yet, for now, all is not irretrievably lost. The rest of humanity can still win the ‘war’…  if – and only IF – all of us collectively will wake up, get off our butts and do the needful. That is to stand up for Liberty and say NO to Tyranny!

Enough is enough. The atrocities waged by the 1% against the 99%, blatant and/or covert, have gone on for far too long and far too deep and they have to be stopped.

As incredible as it may appear, the world we have all been lulled into living in up to this moment is nothing but a lie gone unnoticed for generations. It is completely manipulated. Completely unsustainable. And the sad truth is it will inevitably collapse on the 99% of us should we continue to sleep through this madness and allow the 1% of the evil global elites and their masters to dictate to us what is ‘good for us’ and how we should continue to live out our lives (i.e. maintain status quo ) until culling day.

Open your eyes and ears. See and hear for yourself if what are being disclosed in Thrive – The Movie are not already happening right before you. It’s earnestly wished that your interest may be sufficiently piqued by the messages and revelations presented in the movie and therefore you’ll at last awake up to the graveness of what have been – and will continue to be – foisted upon humanity in order to utterly enslave, if not extinguish, the 99% of us slowly but surely.

The evil 1% can be stopped in their tracks. Ultimately it’s all about their greed and lust for MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. And the incorruptible and unwavering stand of the rest of the 99% to wise up and rise up to their lies, double-talk, wickedness and sick agendas.


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