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NFC scandal: Why Shahrizat Abdul Jalil should resign

December 1, 2011

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* Reports against NFC scandal
* It’s A Cow … It’s A Condo … It’s Criminal Breach Of …
* Shahrizat declines to speak of NFC
* NFC caps a long string of scandals
* Despite scandal, Shahrizat says Wanita will lead …
* NFC scandal: PKR reveals more dirt

Let’s skip the bullshit and cut to the chase.

Shahrizat (who became an unelected representative of the people when she lost her Lembah Pantai constituency seat to a 27 year-old newcomer at the 2008 GE) can say, twist and turn, and promise all she wants about working hard to help her party win the coming 13th general election, the fact remains she already appears quite cowled with loads of dung. Very highly tainted and conceivably most likely an un-winnable candidate for BN. The rakyat is not stupid. Not any more. The sad part about this latest scandal (involving a cow-condo-Mercedes-land-holiday-‘cheap beef for close ones instead of rakyat’ controversy) that has emerged is that she seems to be lying through her teeth to the public. Worse yet, she seems to be lying to herself, too!

And for someone like her to have claimed to the effect that “I have nothing to do with the family’s project” is the lamest brain-dead excuse anyone could have come up with. Tak masuk akal langsung! Moreover, she insults the intelligence of the rakyat and will possibly pay dearly for it at the ballot box.

Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, should just resign.

The more she stays in her position the more disrepute and angst of the rakyat she will perhaps incur, not only against herself, but also against her party, her party position, the ministership, the coalition, the cabinet, the administrative, regulatory and enforcement public bodies and agencies, and, the government of the day. She will also probably make a mockery of what we hear a lot from the politicians’ mouths of proper governance, due diligence, eradicating corruption, eliminating poverty, growing the economy, justice, helping the poor and needy, solving the rakyat’s problems and misery, and what not.

At the end of the day it’s a vast sum of the people’s money that has allegedly been diverted and misused for something that was not officially and originally intended for. And contrary to most reports made in her defense in the MSM, defenses made on her behalf by her friends and colleagues, in the eyes of the rakyat, it’s possibly all these and more … it’s hijacking of other people’s brainchild project … it’s misappropriation of public funds …  it’s nepotism … it’s malfeasance in high office … it’s abuse of power … it’s corruption. It’s shameful and sinful.

Everywhere we look these days it seems corruption is rampant. And it seems to pay! for we don’t usually see the big fishes get sacked, their ill-gotten wealth confiscated and paid back to the peoples’ coffers and going to jail. The small man in the street on the other hand will get the full brunt of the law for shoplifting some foodstuff worth probably about RM3 to help feed a baby.

Corruption Corruptions Corruption. How is it you are everywhere? How is it we hear of talks, day in and day out, of getting rid of you by people who are entrusted with the job but nothing seems to happen? How is it some can get away with your nonsense while some don’t?

I am confused. What has gone wrong? Where are the answers? Maybe I should go find me some cows and ask them.

  1. Well said, I do agree with this writer. It’s time that we have to change the government(BN/UMNO).
    Things are getting blown out , they can say anything they want, assuming we the Public(Rakyat) will buy their stories.

  2. Hisham Shah permalink

    Set a blog for voting in regard to her involvement in NFC. Let us see the result.

  3. tixiti permalink

    If a cow were to run against her in the elections, the cow will win

  4. Ramli permalink

    We rakyat don’t buy what you say sharizat. You were well trained by BTN but sad to say not well enough…..

  5. The Ketuanan UMNOputra/BN Leaders, their Cronies & Macais have become Nazi monsters in the eyes of the Opressed Bolehland’s Rayaat, a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully.

    They are not just Whores for power and $$$, but killer whores with hate and fear in their hearts.

    They are human scums, and that is how history will judge them.

    No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you…by hook or by crook…

    Either way, she has reached her “Self Inflicted Dead End”…

    Didn’t she get all her Wanita UMNO members to back Mahyuddin to “win big” at the last UMNO General Assembly???

    Win/Lose at the UMNO General Assembly but will lose to Raja Nong Chik for Lembah Pantai.?

    You be the judge.


  6. ANTI BN/UMNO permalink

    All my Fellow Malaysians,
    We will never find justice in the current Government from these nature of scandal that tainted the nation which originated from the BN/UMNO Goon. As what Najib had said, that BN/UMNO cannot go wrong, other are.

    We will only be able to get justice back after the GE13 when we had voted BN/UMNO out totally from Putra Jaya and thrash them out into history. So we must tell the whole Malaysian voters to kick BN/UMNO out and that must be done WITHOUT FAIL

  7. ANTI BN/UMNO permalink


    1. We must stop them stealing all our hard earn tax money.
    2. We must stop them lying to the Nation for another 5 Years
    3. We must stop them to cover up all their evil deed at the expense of the Rakyaat
    4. We must stop them to trample on the rakyaat for non of our mistakes, but theirs.
    5. We must stop them to continue with their Cow Dung activities as if it’s non of their business.
    6. We must stop them to interfere with all the authority action that doesn’t benefit BN/UMNO
    7. We must stop them to Instigate the rakyaat against their political opponent without being penalized by the Authority
    8. We must stop them to create a way to enrich themselves (BN/UMNO) at the expense of the rakyaat
    9. We must stop them to provide all the available opportunities that nation can afford and swindle it to their benefit.
    10. We must stop them to create all the cronies, nepotism, favoritism and corrupt practice unabated amongst themselves, just like the current NFC fiasco and declaring that is their right to swindle the public money at will.

    To counter all of that from continuous hovering above our head, we have to deny their right to PUTRA JAYA after the GE13, without fail.

  8. Ricky permalink

    They keep thinking that all Malaysians are STUPID. How idiotic they can get? Just get out and go home.

  9. pc netto permalink

    pm najib pl do something nfc scandal will surely bring barisan down

  10. Pejuang Melayu era milenium, mcm mana melayu nak maju..

  11. SHARIZAT, you lost the election to Anwar’s daughter…….pity you…UMNO made a Senator. and Minister of Family etc etc…..
    BUT, you made your family rich at the expense all other Malaysian Families,,,, are u fighting your own dishonesty……sack yourself….no Malaysian want you,,,,,

  12. Anonymous permalink

    she has done more than any of you cows. i bet if any of you were in her position you’d do the same.

  13. Perhaps there should be another way on how to promote cash cow products – Kremlin style at

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