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Tony Fernandes of AirAsia up to no good, again?

December 3, 2011

* Bung says it again: Shahrizat should quit
* Doubt poured on Wanita’s support for Shahrizat
*Amid NFC uproar, Najib says in control
* `Kuasa Allah tentukan segalanya,’ kata Shahrizat
* Malaysia Airports MD mum on sacking rumour
* Tony Fernandes’ car is ground zero in airport tax hike spat

For a guy who seems to live by the motto “Never take no for an answer” he really tries hard to push it to the limit.

AirAsia plane skids at Kuching airport – StarOnline 11 Jan ’11

After reading a gist of his apparent new antics and manouverings HERE, I probably won’t put them past him. We have not forgotten many other stunts he had tried to pull on Malaysians, during the administration of old and when a kali ular was then heading NST, right up to a near-successful Labu airport coup. A project which also probably had strong cables connected to a famous son-in-law and a sleepy head, who had both also recently popped up suddenly, as though their knickers were being twisted, to try help taichi off assailants regarding Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s cow-condo-Mercedes-land-holiday-‘cheap beef for close ones instead of rakyat’ controversy. It does not surprise me at all why a certain MP in Wangsa Maju keeps continuing without let up to go for his throat. Perhaps Tony F is no saint despite the “benevolent and caring image” that he has been hawking for himself all these years. Seriously, neither is the same MP in Wangsa Maju, whose report card I will issue in time. But for now this post is about Tony F and I want to rush out my say about what is probably churning to an ugly conclusion resulting in the likely sacking of Managing Director of MAHB, Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad. To be replaced by a kali ular’s former puppet, Syed Feisal, with the probable backing and help of Khazanah Managing Director, Azman Mokhtar, who I heard is closely linked to a very famous infamous minister of finance 2 who seems to be lying very low these days – and I wonder why.

Let’s see what will happen at 6.00 PM today, as had been reported by A Voice in his Another Brick In The Wall blog.

zheng zheng … zheng … zheng!!!

  1. arjuna waspada permalink

    Sdr SDr,
    Saya tak minta izin masuk blog pun
    kerana ini isu
    Maruah Negara Maruah Melayu Maruah Kehormatan Nilai Murni Jati Diri Rukun Negara.


    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  2. “A GLC director’s ‘politics of hatred’ in ‘Airport Spring’”


    Guess who his backers are…?

    Just to share this…

    EMULATE INNOVATIVE LEADERS, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE RISKS – PM – Office of The Prime Minister of Malaysia –…ort_month=

    “As such, Najib suggested that they be made as role models with the hope that one day Malaysian names would be added to the annals of history as people who had changed the world with their innovative thinking.

    The Prime Minister said: “Currently, Malaysians like Professor Dr Halimaton Hamdan, Phua Khein-Seng and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes have brought innovative ideas and approaches to how we view our modern world in terms of -nanotechnology, data storage and air travel.

    “It is with this hope that I announced 2012 as the year of National Innovation Movement, with several strategic initiatives such as MyCreative Venture Capital and C1PTA, as well as an allocation of RM100 million in the 2012 Budget,” he said.

    Main – Print – http://www.themalaysianinsider…h-airasia/

    “Fernandes said that the tie-up between the two airlines was a “fantastic step forward.”
    “I assure the Malaysian public that this is something very special,” he said.

    CIMB Bank was appointed as advisor to the deal.

    CIMB Group CEO Datuk Seri Nazir Razak said at the press conference that the collaboration would align shareholders and create synergies between the two airlines.”

    Who stands to Gain & Who loses out ?

    Tony Fernandes Wins & MAB Tan Sri Bashir will have to give in…or else be displaced?

    You be the judge.


  3. Tony Fernandes is just another shrewd and cunning bussinessman who is taking all Malaysians for a ride. As usual the rich get richer n the poor rakyat suffet, Syabas Malaysia Boleh!!!!!! 1Malaysia!!

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