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Unusual banking activity report

December 27, 2011

* Major realignment of power taking place in Asia
* Global Corporate Control and Corporate New World Order was set into place they forgot The X Factor
* World banks brace for euro collapse
* The nightmare after Christmas

This is the third update of this unusual banking activity by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Productions. What appears to be happening is that the current world financial system, which is totally manipulated and insane, is set to undergo a healing process. This would perhaps mark the beginning of the seizure of a wealth-robbing financial system from the grip of a small family and set humanity free from its enslavement.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot Productions
December 26, 2011

* Last Up-Date before the Shift – 12/25/11 2:45 P.M. EST Christmas Day.

* System Stat – UST and other three letter agencies out of lock down as of yesterday. Skeleton crews remain to assure of completion of currency re-adjustment.

* Assured that this is not a crash. I repeat. Not A Crash. Quote from a 24 year veteran of a letter agency * Quote – (We are leveling the playing field, giving everyone a breather.) – End-Quote.

* Banking screens still showing 00.0000 on over 149 different Countries, up from 138.

* Finally received information out of Europe that the last of the adjustment codes out of Geneva (from Basel -aka-BIS) have been implemented and are working their way through the World Wide Banking System.

* Banks will now answer to their regional directors in a 10 Region World Wide Central Banking System. Very similar to the EURO being Pegged to the Swiss Frank. Each Region will have it’s controlling Currency.

* Analysis – Still UN-known if this is possible. Some of the more outdated systems in the more isolated countries had to be implemented physically with programmers sent from Europe and the States.

* This schedule is still on point. We are not sure what to expect.

* Conclusion – Unknown – (However many of us believe that this is a beginning move to completely take over the Banking System Worldwide). – Extremely Unusual Banking Activity.

  1. Centralizing the world isn’t setting us free, it’s hardening the chains around our children’s necks. We will not be free until our economies are reduced down to the local level and not at the global level. So far every global issue has had a global solution, we need local solutions not global ones.

  2. “Unusual banking activity report”


    Just to share this interesting development….

    pt 1/2 Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones – 27 december 2011 – YouTube –

    pt 2/2 Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones – 27 december 2011 – YouTube –

    If you think it won’t happen in bolehland…Better think again !!!

    As I had said earlier, fiat money is “kaput”….Gold & Silver will be controlled, etc…

    So the last alternative is to reposition our fiat money from the Bank and reinvest it into basic land aquisition to later be able to use piece by piece for our survival.

    It’s back to basics….buy land and prepare our future on our own piece of land to be self sufficient.


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