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Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time – Section Six released!

January 30, 2012

Section Six: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme


* Bill Wood Update: Be Ready to Have Your Minds Blown WIDE Open in the Next Interview!!
* Taibbi: Good Foreclosure Deal Could Open the Door to Ending Up With Half of Wall Street in Jail
* Benjamin Fulford 1-31-12…” Out of the box negotiations are proceeding at the highest level”… “12 Breakthroughs”


Click on the link here to go read.

And according to David Wilcock

NEW UPDATE 1/28! A 122-nation alliance is backing a lawsuit that could free the Earth from financial tyranny. This investigation reveals who the perpetrators are and what we can do to solve the problem.

[PLEASE NOTE: This article will be undergoing dynamic updates throughout the weekend. Please LINK to it but do not COPY and MIRROR it until it is finished.]

[UPDATE SATURDAY 1/28: Section Five has now been released. It is massive — and highly fascinating, with a great deal of extremely sensitive information that may be very surprising to a lot of people.

I hope that Section Six will follow very soon afterwards, but I wanted to get this out now — because we’ve had so many people eagerly awaiting it, and the mass arrests have already started.

And yes… in response to many concerns, I have been working way, way too many hours per day on this and have not had enough sleep — but I will soon.]

[UPDATE SUNDAY 1/29: Section Five has now been broken into two pieces so as not to crash on smartphones. Section Seven is still imminent.

10:13 AM, SUNDAY: Three new testimonies from insiders with direct access to the “occult” economy have now been added at the end of Section Six.]

One Comment
  1. Ewoon,

    Interesting reading.

    Also to share this…

    Selected documents and articles: Ch 1: Prognosis 2012

    Whatever the exact date, all the threads will come together, geopolitically and domestically, and the world will change. It will be a new era, just as capitalism was a new era after aristocracy, and the Dark Ages followed the era of the Roman Empire. Each era has its own structure, its own economics, its own social forms, and its own mythology. These things must relate to one another coherently, and their nature follows from the fundamental power relationships and economic circumstances of the system.

    The accuracy of the prognosis, as prediction, is of course impossible to know in advance. However each part of the prognosis has been based on precedents that have been set, modus operandi that has been observed, trends that have been initiated, sentiments that have been expressed, signals that have been given, and actions that have been taken whose consequences can be confidently predicted.

    Selected documents and articles: Ch 1: Prognosis 2012 –

    You be the judge.


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