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Sean David Morton of Strange Universe Radio talks with Benjamin Fulford

February 5, 2012

* Tolec Interview January 2012 — Checkmate, We Win!

  1. blair steel permalink

    sean , i need to talk with you regaurding interviewing my guy. talked to you last nights show. prophet shane. 425 244 3285

  2. bobbi cornelius permalink

    Last week I viewed the Fox report about Geithner you have been discussing on your show. It was dated 2010. Although the headings sound like it is current, that is either in error or disinformation. If you listen carefully there is no reference to detainment….also Shepard Smith looks much older these days. Also on the Anderson Cooper story….it is probably true, but can only be determined for sure with an independant translation. You are doing good things, but must scrutinize the confusing array of sources when going off mainstream sources. Blessings. Bobbi

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