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Project Camelot follow-up interview with ‘way above top secret Navy SEAL Bill Wood’ now unmasked as Bill Brockbrader

February 6, 2012

Hang on to your seat, folks!

Click on link HERE to view …



  1. Как интересно все здесь написано.

  2. Justin F permalink

    I’ll say this just once more. Bill Brockbrader was never a Navy SEAL. He has falsified his military records by claiming to have been a SEAL when he was not. He is registered on the POW network as a SEAL impersonator and a registered sex offender, HERE:

    This person has no credibility whatsoever, and his lies should not be believed. Project Camelot has a reputation of trying to expose conspiracy theories which are usually over-exaggerated.

    I am not trying to publicly disgrace you. Many people before have fallen for this person’s and many other fraudulent SEALs’ lies.

    I do not know why my first comment was deleted, but at least show that you have some guts to allow the truth on your blog. After all, isn’t that what you’re about?

    “i fervently believe the truth is supreme – it has nothing to do with who is right but everything to do with what is right.”

  3. alitstar permalink

    Agree Justin, the guy is a wanabe.

  4. Justin F permalink

    There’s actually a lawsuit being filed against this guy by a retired SEAL Platoon Chief. The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 makes it illegal to falsify military records. Brockbrader using his false credentials for monetary gain make this case even more severe.

    Also, his interviewer, Kerry Cassidy and himself have made strange comments regarding Brockbrader’s military career. One such video with a few clips of those comments can be found here:

    His actual military record is here:

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