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John Kettler interview by Project Camelot …

February 18, 2012

Re: “The Latest Intel”

According to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, “This was excellent information MUST LISTEN!!”

I think so, too :)

Here’s the link to go listen:

You may also want to visit John Kettler’s blog John Kettler Investigates

  1. Interesting

  2. It was interesting to listen to John but I suspect John’s tales are deprived from 20% his own intuition, 20% from his profession (Intel) 20% from he have been reading from other whistleblowers, 20% from other Conspiracy theorist including some Project Camelot material and maybe, maybe the other 20% from the ET.

    But Kerry’s questioning bored me to death, she can seem to keep the question short, simple and to the point.

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