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From The House of Lords – The shot heard round the world …

February 21, 2012

* A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the Committee of 300 by the gnostic “illuminati” faction
Transcript of Lord James’ speech in The House of Lords on Thursday, 16 February 2012
* Massive Resignations Have Started
New Bank Resignation List –  It’s Up To 40 Banks Now!

The White Hats and Lord James of Blackheath deliver a death blow to the Cabal

Here’s an excerpt of how the fight against the cabal by The White Hats began …

It was November 13, 2010, when we published our first report. In Report #1, we transparently announced to the world what we had … and the criminal cabal scoffed. With each published report, we outlined another piece to the puzzle … and the criminal cabal scoffed. With the advent of this Report, we have filed 36 reports in total, and as you might have suspected, each report is a message that is clearly understood and reacted to by the criminal cabal … and we have been scoffed at. In fact, we are proud to say we have been scoffed at by the very most elite within the American political system as rogues and trouble makers like we didn’t fit in under the normal protocols of meaningful expression. To the point, it seems the elite have underestimated the tenacity of The White Hats. Love us or hate us … respect us or ignore us … but do not underestimate the effectiveness of our means and methods, we are trained well in our respective trades … most times by the Elitists. We have slipped in, completed the recon, evaluated the landscape, developed a well thought out plan backed by hard documented evidence and we have moved in for the duration.

For the full story, go read The White Hats Report.

One Comment
  1. I wish it was exactly that “The White Hats and Lord James of Black Heath Deliver a Death Blow to The Cabal” – well at least not yet. Lord James supposedly disclosed the scam to the House of Lord on 16th February ’12.

    Unfortunately as of 8:00pm 21st February there is nothing on mainstream media of any death blow, let alone anything about Lord James. I only see people cut and paste YouTube footage all over their respective blogs.

    Earlier this year David Wilcock and Benjamin Furfold also sensationalized the same shit and I too ran the article over my blog, about an impending law suit and all. In fact, the law suit has been spoken about since 2010 and we are loosing steam.

    By June if no heads roll my friend, then we can forget about any death blow to any Cabal.

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