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12 year old Canadian girl explains the crimes of the world banking system

April 11, 2012

Again, Victoria Grant: “12-year old girl perfectly sums up the criminal conspiracy”

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  1. As a 69 years old belgian artist I agree with the analyse of the 12 years old girl.Those who
    remember the decision of the”Mafia dôme”in 1982 about the “new look” of the “ambrosiano”bank
    as a model for the other westerner banks,the”nucleair and house waste”and the”energy providers
    dictator ship”,they know that the child has completely right.Who remember the reason of the
    elimination of pope John Paul I,What was the”Masonic lodge propaganda due”game?.It’s big
    time that us generation of”gluttons”open their stupid manipulated”consumers’mind?’and leave
    the word to the new generation! – Frank Liefooghe

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