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Thousands of quadrillions of hidden monies revealed to be held in multiple off-ledger black screen accounts

April 24, 2012

* Major confrontations in South China Sea as desperate cabal tries to steal Asian gold deposits – Benjamin Fulford, 23 April 2012
* Dr. Michael Herzog Arrested By German Authorities – Has Great Voice, Sings Like A Pro – The White Hats Report #40, April 27, 2012
* Kerry Cassidy interview by George Noory on Coast To Coast AM cut off unexpectedly (after 20 minutes) at the end – (Someone out there really scared sh*t of the truth getting out? lol)

Global banking crisis? What global banking crisis?

The Committee of 300’s shadow government banking scam has its royal knickers ripped off.

How rich is White Spiritual Boy now, Your Majesty?

To read more, click HERE.

  1. BIS permalink

    it is under the name of Kamal Ashnawi with the Netherland Passport.

  2. via permalink

    i just want to know this.. this is real or what?? the monies is true? how to get that? someone please tell me how to get that.. tq
    #poor of girl
    #pity on me

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