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Arrest Warrants: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks

May 5, 2012

* Chaos on multiple fronts as controlled implosion of financial cabal continues – Benjamin Fulford, 1 May 2012
* Reptilian plan to convert & transform the Milky Way galaxy and all genetically human planets to reptilian ones – Tolec on Ohio Exopolitics Radio, 28 April 2012

“Arrest warrants have now been issued against the international branches of the Federal Reserve – the European Central Banks, BIS, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan.”


It is terrifying to discover that the world is being run by psychopaths – who want to see billions of people die.

Many people can’t even face it. Their mind just shuts down – and they often attack the messenger.

Nonetheless, no corrupt regime has ever survived the light of full public exposure. Our current situation is no different.

There is abundant evidence that this group is real – and will soon be defeated. Major changes are about to happen in the world.

We have proven that a small group of international bankers have seized control of the planet and its resources. Their plan has been in place for 300 years, and was followed with ruthless efficiency.

The difficulty of unseating this group is extreme, due to their penetration into all aspects of our society – including the media, the government and the judiciary.

Nonetheless, it appears that they are about to be overthrown by an international coalition of 138 nations – who have banded together to end Financial Tyranny.


One Comment
  1. We were looking for verification of new arrests of banksters. We get arrests of the Occupy movement which will shut down the Occupy movement but no good news.

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