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Keshe Foundation 3 – 4 KW power generator for your house and electric car

December 9, 2012

It’s portable … safe … noiseless … non-radioactive … supplies voltages in AC and DC


… the units will be more powerful that can be used in the house or in the electric cars which will never need charging … and there will be no limitation of their use and mileage … and there is no need for battery in the car.

These units will be a plugged in system … at home you plug your unit to your home circuit … and in the car the same unit will connect to your electric motor of your car.

Initial offer to the public for order: 10,000 units. Delivery in December 2012. Costs €5,000 + an annual €100 ‘for ‘maintenance.’
(“… the €100 is for the users of the technology to put something back into society and the ‘free life style’ which they are getting.”)

For those interested, you can find out more by clicking on Kf Forum HERE.


Kf Solutions for Energy, Environment, Transportation, Health, New Materials, Nano & ICT … click HERE.

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