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MT Keshe: “What was Tesla’s dream is a reality to us”

December 22, 2012

“… we want to share knowledge in a free way … Keshe Foundation is there to make sure the next generation does not get to the same dilemma as we are having today … what was Tesla’s dream is a reality to us …” – Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Just think about this, folks. The day we break free from our reliance on big petroleum and energy-producing companies (private/public) is the day we’ll enjoy prosperity in every sense of the word. All costs of production will come crashing down and consequently all prices of goods and services will become really affordable. Things will be cheap all round and we don’t have to work so bloody hard and continue to be enslaved to the system.

Keshe Foundation and its plasma reactor technology can help us achieve that – and more – but why is it many governments today have yet to go to the Foundation and receive the technology at absolutely zero cost? As for Asean countries, Thailand (not even kiasu Singapore) is the only nation that had gone to get it. PM Najib, what is Malaysia waiting for? Are you stupid or what?

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  1. dr.dalbir singh permalink

    tesla was a greate man and keshe has made it a reality

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