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The technology for a better world … yet most of us on planet earth refuse to recognise it let alone adopt – why is it we are such fools?

June 15, 2013

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Keshe Foundation: The Technology You’ve Never Seen
Open-Source, Free, Non-Profit Organization for Technological Advances

Free energy, hover cars. cures to some diseases, non-propulsion space travel, converting salt water to fresh water — and more exists now through Plasma Reactor technology.

Plasma reactor based technology is manipulation of an atom to match the gravitational field of any physical elements such as wood, plastic, metal, salt water, human cells, and any other elements to alchemically change the molecular structure of the atom into another form through the use of microwave technology like how CYMATIC’s have shown that liquid can create matter using Hz sound frequencies. How does it work? (prepare your mind to be blown)

“Plasma” is positive and negative light particles inside an ATOM that generate electrical currents that are affected by each other’s MAGNETIC FIELDS that move in neutral harmonic balance with each other like a YIN YANG symbol. In order for the neutral plasma to amplify and grow, they must interact with GRAVITY as the 3rd element thus linking the two circles to overlap each other that looks like a VESICA PISCIS to create a burst of energy that moves upward, then outward in a circular motion downwards to meet up again back upwards looking like a toroidal TORUS VORTEX. Gravity is the catalyst for the magnetic fields inside the atom to start production of the torus vortex. The movement of energy WITHIN the torus field of an atom is a series of VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES bouncing around in smaller torus fields like a VESICA PISCIS over and over again looking like the legendary FLOWER OF LIFE MANDALA seen in many ancient spiritual traditions and temples worldwide when you look at it from the top view. The geometric shapes of the movement of energy within the torus is also known as the STAR OF DAVID mandala of intersecting triangles often represent in Judaism and Buddhism that when completed in form is Hinduism’s 3D SRI YANTRA symbol of abundance also depicted in ancient mystic mandala artworks of HINDU, VEDIC, BUDDHIST, ISLAM, NATIVE AMERICAN, MAYAN, PAGAN, ZOROASTRIAN, and so many various global traditions, and as all the PLATONIC SOLIDS that are the blueprint for all manifestations in creation nested harmonically perfect within the ICOSAHEDRON as coined by mystics like BUCKY FULLER, TESLA, and all other yogic teachers to be the SACRED GEOMETRY of ARCHANGEL METATRON’S CUBE of ONENESS, which are all different ways to see the same thing. The math for this movement in a torus field is VORTEX BASED MATH. The sweet spot where the two circles of energy intersect creating the vesica piscis in the midsection of the torus field is where one can extract energy and harness it in various applications for plasma reactor based technology.

Through manipulation of the atom, we can expand or shrink materials to any size we want like shape shifting space ships, convert one type of material into another kind like alchemists to clear nuclear radiation, garbage waste, and pollution in our environment. We create unlimited food or just convert the basic elements found in food into liquid, solid, or light particle beams to ingest instead of carrying perishable food in space travel where we could die before we even make our destination like in STAR TREK with the food replicator technology that uses microwave technology to convert light particles into gas, then liquid, then solid food orders designed to meet the frequency of that desire food item. Diseases or imperfections in the human body in medical applications can scan the elements in the body to see what elements are missing or are overgrown in cells causing the abnormality and then we can just manipulate the unbalanced atoms in the body to the harmonic frequency of a healthy body for that patient using light beam particle medical equipment as seen in Star Trek. Other applications are also to create solid CO2 that is a critical element to manipulate into any desired matter. It looks like a white powder that we have an abundance of on Earth and can be humanity’s currency in our galactic future commerce with beings of other planets in the universes. Instead of using old school propulsion technology, we can manipulate the magnetic field of the torus in the atoms of the space craft’s we make to match the frequency of desired destinations and as such will automatically get pulled to the destination location as like attracts like similar to the concept of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. So instead of taking years to travel and hurt our bodies in old school rocket propulsion space travel, we can do it is seconds or minutes as explain in Star Trek as “warp speed”. Non-propulsion (no need for rockets) technology in space craft has allowed many 3rd world nations to create their own space programs at low costs when their civilians learn how to use and create the technology for themselves. The safety measure against war among nations are also benefited when magnetic shield applications are used in radar detection technology to sense missiles or “drone planes” to automatically deactivate and bring them down when detected in unauthorized territories leveling the playing field among nations so war is no longer a solution to barter, bribe, or leverage each other for assets as compared to adult peace making initiatives. Shields ups! GPS systems in different applications that are designed to detect different magnetic field locations will activate stolen mechanisms in the tool to automatically deactivate the programs so it’s futile to steal each other’s toys or use it to hurt your neighbors or other nations. As for energy, manipulation of the atom allows us to self-generate energy out of the elements in the air to self-sustain the recycling of energy so that the lights never go out if we want it that way without depleting the natural resources of our Earth. As for clean water, we can change the molecular structure of salt water into the properties of clean water thus providing clean drinking water for all everywhere at little or no cost. These are just a few of the applications that are being tested, created, and in use in laboratories worldwide currently. An unlimited variety of applications can be created using plasma reactor based technology.Various applications of this technology have been demonstrated publically by nuclear physicist, M.T. Keshe of the non-profit, non-political, and non-religious Keshe Foundation that is trying to inform and teach the public about this technology so that someday soon, authorized public use of the technology can be manufactured. Many business, university, and government research laboratories worldwide have already been exploring plasma reactor based technology for decades, but are prevented from actively using their patents to manufacture products using this technology for fear of loss of profits and/or retaliation from the people that they were kept in the dark so long to keep using a 99% dependent on the elite 1% futile system. If you know what to search for on the internet, then you can easily find credible resources to validate the claims that patents have been issued, but prevented from manufacturing products using plasma reactor based applications to keep the technology secret from the public until a peaceful transition into its public usage can be found. All scientists and facilities want credit for their research in plasma reactor based applications by publishing their work in scholarly journals. Below are publically published papers giving credit to the acknowledged research already conducted in how this technology can be used in many applications. Plasma reactor technology is no secret to the governments, businesses, and university research facilities that have been studying its applications for decades. Yet, outdated physics on gravity is still being taught in universities and high schools to continue the old system because we don’t know how to transition peacefully into a new understanding without dismissing the previous knowledge that has lead us to today. Refusal to authorize usage of the technology by many governments prevents the civilians from benefiting from the wide applications it offers.Why? When products offer a conversion tool for automotive manufacturers the ability to create products that can convert regular cars into hover cars or any country can build their own space shuttles launching off building roofs without propulsion, then what happens to the FAA & NASA and all the jobs in those industries? Will the FAA and/or NASA now have regulate hover cars and interstellar space crafts? When poor governments can change the molecular structure of regular metals into gold, then what happens to the illusionary value of money and commerce? How will we trade goods in a new commercial landscape if all monetary currency is relatively the same value? What happens to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world country statuses? When 1st world countries are equal to 3rd world countries, what does that do to the allure of 1st world countries that have previously represented opportunity and wealth? Will this be the end of empires or is it just the beginning of a new political landscape where all countries are equally valuable, culturally unique, and we would have a real unity of nations working together as one common voice in the world’s affairs if we were and do inevitably interact with other galactic societies? If we were to successfully enter space and develop colonies there, would we bring our petty war games, greed, hatreds, and negative ego-centric ways with us to interact with other galactic civilizations? If we do bring our childish war games with us into space, will the more advance galactic races be happy that we made it out of the sand lot only to see humans throw sand at everyone and as a result have our toys taken away and put back in the stone ages in the sand lot once more so we can evolve again in the Petri dish? Is humanity capable of being a galactic race worthy of interacting with other races that are equal reflections of source energy? When weapons of war such as missiles and drone spy planes reach countries that have the technology and it hits their magnetic field and automatically deactivates it and brings it down, then what happens to war mongering to leverage for bartering resources? If we want to play war games, then do we kill with our own hands? Will we know which countries are able to really negotiate and resolve issues as adults as peace is the only way to resolve conflict with this technology that’s offered to all countries interested in learning how to create it? We all know in the movie “War Games” that the computer simulation called Joshua learned that no one wins in war. We all lose. Have we learned our lesson with war games? Are we worthy of graduating into the next level outside the Petri dish we call Earth? What happens to the jobs in the medical industry when people can change the molecular structure of diseases in their bodies so they self-heal? Instead of medical diagnosis and medicate, medicate, then what happens when wellness centers are popular healthcare alternatives? What happens to all the jobs in the medical industry when more people aren’t sick anymore or there are less sick people? Will healthcare practitioners get new jobs in wellness centers or learn a new trade? When desert continents like Africa can change the molecular structure of its atmosphere to create rain, then what happens to the desolation? If we were to take this huge leap forward, what would the transition be like in creating and spreading the wealth around in learning to use these applications? Will we become a society living in service to each other? If money were the same value every where, would we still be incentivize to do things or be in service jobs or activities? When people can create wealth on their own using this technology and material possessions are not of much value as demand is less and supplies abundant, then what happens to the competition game of getting the best schooling, buying the biggest house, driving the nicest cars, attracting the wealthiest providers, etc? Will we be happy with ourselves if there are practically no external attributes feeding us self worth through the adoration of other people’s envy in our social status? Are unconditional love, internal peace, and unbiased enlightenment with the divine source within enough to be happy with? Are we collectively ready to let go of the addiction we have with suffering? What happens when technology made it so we don’t have to work a 9-5 job anymore and we have more free time? Will we learn a new hobby or find new addictions or dramas? What happens when there are little or no more poor people, hungry people, sick people, and everyone overall is well. What will we do with ourselves now? How will we live our lives? Public use of plasma reactor based technology would be awesome for many, but the wide variety of applications in so many industries would spell a complete paradigm change in how we have lived. We need to ask these questions and decide on a collective consciousness level if we are prepared and willing to take that huge leap forward in our global society. If we want the benefits we have been praying for that is offered through the various applications that can be created using this new understanding in how to manipulate the atom, then we need to ask ourselves, are we prepared for a paradigm change and the growing pains that could arise in the transition? When the internet industry developed and flourished, many people feared lost in jobs and lost in industries like the dying of newspaper journalism. Yet, more jobs have been created through the internet and journalism transferred its medium into online news sites and publishing is booming in digital e-books. So if you are one of those interested in being a part of the inevitable paradigm game changer, then how do we make this a reality? Share this post and its content, blog about it, write about it, create FB groups, talk about it, link with like-minded peeps, write your local politicians on their website that you support authorized use of plasma reactor based technology in your country and to approve usage of the patents already issued, write an initiative in local elections, etc. This technology belongs to the people and it’s up to the people if they want to explore our collective existence incorporating this technology into our everyday lives. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe believes in a unified humanity when he states that “this knowledge is not for the few privileged. This knowledge is on the internet to be peer review by every man. I share my knowledge to you totally free. We are not here to take bribes and backhand. Keshe Foundation is here to make sure the next generation does not get in the same dilemmas as we are in now. Tesla’s dream is a reality to us.” The question is do you want to live in a reality where a unified humanity is realized? I believe we are ONE. Do You?If you want to approve the use of plasma reactor technology, then sign the petition. are a wide variety of free resources to inform the public about the mission statement of the Keshe Foundation to push governments worldwide to approve the public use of plasma reactor based technology in a wide variety of applications so that the patents already issued to universities, government facilities, and commercial businesses worldwide can finally start producing what they intended to get the patents used for. This technology has been tested and studied from a wide variety of businesses, universities, and government research facilities worldwide, but many governments prohibit usage and production of plasma reactor based technology for fear of lost in profits and retaliation. Please educate yourself about the wide variety of applications for the plasma reactor and how it can bring peace to the world’s wars, end poverty, and end money laundering among nations. Please use any of the materials or Google your own sources to use in blogs, articles, peaceful protests, to write to your local politicians, and any number of ways to push for the open source usage and main stream production of plasma reactor based technologies.Keshe Foundation Introduction Video” by the Keshe Foundation. The Keshe Foundation maintains that it is has no affiliation with any governments, religious institutions, or any other systems of control. It is strictly a non-profit foundation trying to get the governments to approve public usage of the plasma reactor based technology and offers instruction to all nuclear physicists of any university or research facility so that no one organization has proprietary rights to the technology and uses it against anyone as leverage. Keshe is also interested in teaching anyone who wants to learn no matter the demographics. His is appealing to the young generation to embrace learning the knowledge and finding new applications for it in various industries. So far, it is the only organization that has offered live demonstrations and working models of how the technology works and M.T. Keshe is continuing to teach how to use these applications to all nuclear physicists and young minds interested so they can use it in different applications in their country. The Keshe Foundation also offers online tutorials to students no matter your background in education level who are interested in learning from their website and lectures. All the case studies and medical test trials stated in the Keshe Foundation’s website are funded by volunteered participants. M.T. Keshe urges that if he passes on before open source use of plasma reactor technology is public, then the Keshe Foundation is responsible for the public open source availability of the information on how to use the technology for the united welfare of humanity. In listening to Keshe talks, he believes the “God Particle” is you and me and everyone else who is a compilation of atoms that formed a solid intelligent being from source energy. Keshe rocks!“Simple Plasma Reactor Simulation” (1/2) by M.T. Keshe of the non-profit Keshe Foundation. Foundation website.“Free Energy” by the M.T. Keshe and the Keshe Foundation at the 2011 Elektor Live Conference. are Mehran Tavakoli Keshe interviews. Keshe urges the public to please don’t try to simulate your own plasma reactors as you may hurt yourself making mistakes if you haven’t learned the knowledge first. He is open to all nuclear physicists and young minds interested in learning how the technology works to contact him through the Keshe Foundation to schedule training and attend his European lecture series. His books are written for the average person to read so they can understand how the technology works. He is open to teaching the public audience who is interested in learning how to use it in various applications, but stresses that engineering of products should be left to professionals used to creating technology as random garage engineering can cause mistakes. So please be careful and be sure you learn everything and consult with the needed sources before developing your own products.“Keshe Research Notes” by Mehran T. Keshe. Keshe was detained in Canada for his work and as a result to give himself insurance, he publically published his notes on the internet for everyone to review. He has provided and continues to provide live demonstrations on how the technology is made, works, and teaches other nuclear physicists and young minds how to understand and replicate it in the various applications they want to utilize it for. in learning from Keshe? You can enroll to learn the philosophy behind the plasma reactor technology and how to create it on your own university research lab through the Keshe International Space Institute or online in his online classrooms. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Just be open to new concepts and willingness to learn. So if you love physics and math, then you high school students, college students, and everyone else can also enroll to attend his online classes from anywhere around the world. You too, can learn the fundamentals to apply it in your own unique applications in your country for the betterment of your local love ones. So attend with an open mind and be aware that you may have to let go of out dated concepts of old school physics. He teaches in a way that the average man in any country should be able to understand. He takes out the collegial jargon to confuse people so you sound intelligent out of his teachings. I had a professor once tell her students that if you can’t communicate ideas to the average person on the streets then you’re talking stupid. Don’t talk stupid. Keshe urges that if anyone wants to learn to create plasma reactor technology for non-propulsion space travel that they master their ego-centric, self-delusions of hate, separatism, and war for greed, control, and power. The reason why is because these fear based belief systems that manifest in some human behaviors are not the energy that attracts positive experiences when we met and we will meet other galactic races. If we are peaceful and behave with integrity, then galactic interactions may be pleasant as compared to interacting with new galactic races with our delusional war games. The more advance races will set us back to the stone ages to teach us a lesson in trying to spread a consciousness dis-ease of war, hate, etc. If we come into the galactic family with our old ideologies that is like a consciousness disease in the psyche to continue some power trip of protection in space wars, then much more advance civilizations may teach us a lesson. So don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid. So if you are not of integrity for the wellness and sanctity of all of God’s creations unbiased, then do not enroll into the program to learn. Lower vibrating humans are not welcome to play in a larger playground. The universe does not need any unstable people to spread such mental illness that has plagued humanity for thousands of years. He hopes in offering the younger generation such knowledge that they use it with integrity for all as one unconditionally loving reflection of source energy. He is taking a leap of faith that the young generation is the promise that many before had prayed to be different. I believe we can do it! Let’s be the promise! So kids, let’s go back to school! Class is in session! are already issued patents for the usage of the Plasma Reactor technology in various applications from a wide and growing variety of industries. The public commercialization of the technology has been prohibited by many governments. You can click on any of the patents assign to each company that applied for a patent to use the technology in products they intend to commercialize to the public when governments allow usage to be offered. Earliest patents began in 1960.

Here are some various companies that must state to the public their patents for use of plasma reactor technology in their future products when governments lift the banned to manufacture and commercialize it for public use:



Texas Instruments

Board of Trustees operating Michigan State University and Michigan State University


U.S. Phillips Corporation

Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha and Cannon Kabushiki Kaisha

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft International Business Machines Corporation

GE Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

Nokia Networks Oy

NEC Corporation, Anelva Corporation, Nihon Koshuha Co., Ltd.

Seiko Epson Corporation

Princeton University

“Keshe Patents in EU” by eSPACEnet Patent Search.

Public papers published by U.S. government sponsored labs:

“Modular Hybrid Plasma Reactor for Low Cost Bulk Production of Nanomaterials”, “Plasma Processing of Hydrocarbon”, and “Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Process And Applications” by Peter Kong, Brent Detering, Jon Grandy, and Larry Zuck of the Idaho National Laboratory. INL is a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Battelle Energy Alliance.

“Development and Testing of a High Capacity Plasma Chemical Reactor in the Ukraine” and “Hybrid Plasma Reactor” by Pacific Northwest Laboratory and the US Dept. of Energy

“Plasma Reactor Synthesis” by the US Department of Defense.

“Heat Transfer in a Fissioning Uranium Plasma Reactor Cavity” by Albert F. Kascak of the Lewis Research Center at NASA. This is a NASA technical memorandum on usage of plasma reactor technology in constructing space travel.

“Dusty Plasma Based Fission Fragment Nuclear Reactor” by Rodney A. Clark and Robert B. Sheldon of Grassmere Dynamics, LLC. Grassmere is division of NASA. This article was published in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

“Using Non-Thermal Plasma to Control Air Pollutants” by the Clean Air Technology Center, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“New Reactor Converts Nuclear Waste into Inert Usable Products” by Next Energy News.

Public papers published by university and independent research labs worldwide:

“Particle Transport in Plasma Reactors” by Daniel J. Radar, Anthony S. Geller, and Seung J. Choi of Sandia National Laboratories, and Mark J. Kushner of the University of Illinois.

“Fusion Reactor Experiment Succeeds on Chinese Tokamak” by the Dept. of Plasma and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana.

“Effect of Reactor Design on the Plasma Treatment of NOx” by C.R. McLarnon and B.M. Penetrante of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This paper was prepared for submittal to the 1998 Society of Automotive Engineers Fall Fuels and Lubricants Meeting.

by B.L. Preppernau, A. Tserepi, J. Dunlop, and T.A. Miller of the Dept. of Chemistry at the Ohio State University and the report was sponsored by the Wright Laboratory Air Force Material Command.

“Novel Composite Hydrogen-Permeable Membranes for Non-Thermal Plasma Reactors for the Decomposition of Hydrogen Sulfide” by Morris D. Argyle, John F. Ackerman, Suresh Muknahalliatna Jerry C. Hamann, Staislaw Legoki, Ji-Jun Zhang, Guibing Zhao, Robyn J. Alcanare, Linna Wang, and Ovid A. Plumb of the Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wyoming.

“Plasma Source Development” by Michigan State University.

“Controlling A Field Test Electron Beam-Generated Plasma System for the Decomposition of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds in Air Streams” by Matthew P. Schuetze of the B.S.E. Engineering Physics Department at the University of Michigan and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“M.I.T.’s Nuclear Fusion Lab” by Martin LaMonica of CNET and TEDx Boston.

“A Wire-Plate Type Nonthermal Plasma Reactor Utilizing a Slit Dielectric Barrier and a Thrid Electrode” by J. Moon and J. Jung of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Korea’s Jyungpook National University. This was published in the March 2007 edition of the Journal of Plasma Environmental Science & Technology.

“Catalyst Enhanced Oxidation of VOCs and Methane in Cold-Plasma Reactors” by Muhammad Arif Malik and Salman Akbar Malik of the Dept. of Biological Sciences at the Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

“Energy Effectiveness of Nonthermal Plasma Reactors for Toluene Vapor Destruction” by Chia-Hsin Lin and Hsunling Bai of the National Chiao-Tung University as published in the July 2001 Journal of Environmental Engineering.

“Non-thermal Plasma” by Quan Yuan, Xu Guang, and Guohui Feng, PhD. of China’s Shenyang Jianzhu University.

“Thermal Plasma Technology Separates Aluminum from Plastic in Packages” by Fernando von Zuben at the Environment Dept. of the Tetra Pak Ltda of Brazil.

The Keshe Foundation is teaching plasma reactor technology to any governments so they can build their space program. Many space programs are being launched by 3rd world countries around the world as they develop non-propulsion based space crafts. Many people have not heard about this because it is not reported in the national news, but it exist if you know what to look for and can find it easily on the internet. Lucky for the people, the internet still is a hard medium to censor 100%. Leaks happen all the time. Plus, the kids are getting smarter than the programmers who originally created it. So, show time!
Africa’s Space Program:

Nigeria’s Space Program:

South Africa’s National Space Agency:

Italy’s Space Program:

Egypt’s Space Program:;jsessionid=9f330c5f1e448ab0a173b4cd6a59

UK Space Agency:

Mexico’s Space Agency:

And the list goes on and on as more and more people learns plasma reactor technology to develop their own space programs in their countries. The NASA game of propulsion rock ships is so old school.

Many governments are forced by civilians protesting they offer the technology solutions to the public by authorizing use of the technology in manufacturing.

A message from the author of the post to the children of today that this post is intended for:
Keshe and supporters of Keshe sometimes get people who are paranoid of a unified humanity because they live in fear based ideologies that encourage separation in delusions that we all are not interconnected and equal incarnate reflections of source energy. I say this; if you live in fear that the devil comes in the form of oneness, then you may have created a belief in an illusion to cover up the realization that we are all one and interconnected as explain in science through consciousness and quantum physics research. Yet, everything physical in the matrix begins with a belief. So if you want to live in fear based ideology, then that holographic parallel reality is what you will attract into your individual and collective experience. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. When Pope John Paul II was in the Vatican, he tried to set the record straight about the Catholic misinterpretation of a literal hell often portrayed in religious artwork and as a literal physical place where people go who have sinned and did not accept their ideology. The transcript often quoted from his live broadcast to over 8,500 live audience members on July 29, 1999 goes as follows, “Hell is the complete frustration and emptiness of life without God. Rather than a physical place, hell is the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy. It is a condition resulting from attitudes and actions which people adopt in this life…Damnation consist precisely in definitive separation from God, freely chosen by the human person…The thought of hell and even less the improper use of biblical images must not create anxiety or despair.” As reason and logic can see, hell and the devil has been misused as a very successful fear tactic to subjugate the masses in fear of oneness in order to maintain control of mass consciousness so that a political organization can maintain control at one particular moment in time. This misconception has gone out of control and this speech still remains one of the most controversial that Pope John Paul II did while in office at the Vatican. The devil are the demons we fight within ourselves created out of an ego gone mad in the matrix, which is why the Catholic church does not recognize it in exorcisms. Unfortunately, that outdated construct has carried on for thousands of years up to present time when humanity is at a juxtaposition to work together in oneness towards a unified humanity to get over the challenges our long held delusions of separation have create or continue to stay the course set forth by previous generations towards annihilation. Use of whatever constructs to separate each other leads to annihilation. We may not have long to let our inner demons play havoc with our lives as the shared problems we created in our world spirals out of control. It is long time for a global awakening. Fear is not a bad emotion. Fear helps us see we have an unbalanced perspective and to find the courage within to navigate through the fear to investigate it to see what decisions regarding the fear we have to choose from. In the end, everything we decide on begins with our beliefs about ourselves, others, and our universe. Then, we are always at a juxtaposition between decisions of fear or taking that leap of faith towards love regardless. How many lifetimes do we have to continue making the same “unwanted” mistakes fueled by our fears and our fears of the unknown, then finding the divine strength within to take that leap of faith towards love regardless. The truth is, we are all love eternal.

“No Hell: Pope” by CBC News.

It is fitting that this post comes at the end of my wall post writing mission to help alleviate fear based paranoia that has sadden so many young people I have come across because their parents expressed those fears. It encompasses all my previous metaphysical posts into an action to choose how you want to continue to live in our world that will guide the direction of where humanity goes. Will we continue the path of destruction through ego-centric separatism or realign with our higher selves inside each of us unbiased into a unified humanity so we never again repeat the destruction’s of wiping out humanity’s advance civilizations of times gone by to dust in wind. The sins of the father should not be carried on by the children. Kids should not fight other kids for grievances done by our parent’s generation and the generations pass. I feel and have faith that the young adult generation is more compassionate and unified to embrace a future together in peace and unconditional love than continue the greed and lies of the previous generations before us that did not have an overwhelming majority of people unified in a collective consciousness full of courage within them to stop the cycle of madness. Together, we can complete the transition peacefully. I understand Keshe’s fear of retaliation from the youth, as his generation and older ones fear retribution. I believe the children of today, which is you and I and everyone else will find a way to work together to heal the wounds of the past with love and kindness and move forward together in unity. It sounds cliche, but let the children lead as “the children will lead the way.” This post and all the wall posts I have written are for the kids of today. Again, that’s you and me and all the little lama’s around us look up at us to get support. May we move forward in unconditional love, in service, and in compassionate for one another as ourselves. May we live in unconditional love and peace in our eternal hearts. May we always feel the love of source within ourselves and each other along our collective journey to infinity and beyond. I greet you all as I leave you all with the same salutation, which is “the god in me recognizes and honors the god in you. You are amazing as you are”. -Namaste

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hi PM Najib Tun Razak,

    Why don’t you seriously look into this technology and be the first leader in the world to personally champion it for adoption for the betterment of Malaysians, Malaysia and their combined future?

    What have you got to lose?

    After the outcome of GE13, are you not now looking for a breakthrough way to extricate yourself from your current attacks and assailants from within and without? Forget about your kon-sultants, they have no clue and they do not have your interest at heart but their pockets!

    Send our ambassador in Belgium to Keshe Foundation today and get hold of the knowledge (freely-available) of this technology and pursue it like crazy till successful implementation. I guarantee you soon you’ll not only come out smelling like roses to your enemies at home but also the kecut leaders of the rest of the world, including tiny red dot down south!

    What more, GE14 will be a walk in the park for you!

    Apa lagi PM you mau?

    Don’t think about it. Just do it lah!

    – I love pm –

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