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Neil Keenan Update: Keenan goes into the lion’s den – meets with cabal chieftain …

September 18, 2013

… (and) reveals his own financial doomsday weapons against the cabal – Keenan sounds the charge

*Benjamin Fulford: P2 Freemasons want Pope Francis to be new M1, the controller of money – Sept 17, 2013
*The Book of Maklumat – (A must read)
*Benjamin Fulford interviewed by Aaron Wilson on 9/12/13
*White House gets ready for shutdown
*Karen Hudes Predicts Lawlessness when U S Dollar Loses International Currency Status
*FINANCIAL TYRANNY: The Final Sections – by David Wilcock

(The following is a gist of the Neil Keenan update brought to you by Michael Henry Dunn) …

Ø “We’re being played…they are pulling a back door trick, while lulling us into thinking they’re defeated.”

Ø Cabal pulling off massive gold theft in Indonesia – melting, recasting, and fraudulent re-stamping – as they attempt to hijack the assets and move them to the West

Ø Keenan reveals his own Financial Doomsday Weapons against Cabal – see them for yourself

Ø Cabal admits genocidal plans against humanity – claims to want a way out

Ø Cabal families at each other’s throats – who will cut a deal? And will the world allow a deal to be made once the truth is known?

Ø Rothschilds blame Vatican, Rockefellers hunt Rothschilds, Bushes blame everybody – while still trying to start a global war

Ø Keenan demands end to Monsanto, Chem-trails operations aimed at mass murder

Ø World Court forming to bring the cabal to justice, as Keenan reveals the Black Book, The Book of Maklumat, The Book of Conveyance, and an original of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement.

Pix of The Blue Book


Pix of a page of The Black Book


Go read more HERE.

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