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Benjamin Fulford interviews and cross-references with Karen Hudes

November 4, 2013

UPDATE, 6/11/13:

Notice to readers, by Benjamin Fulford …
Here is a free link to the Karen Hudes interview. There have been a lot of dirty tricks used, including serious agency hacking, to prevent this from coming out. Please take a look while you can. The video was edited to remove slanderous comments made about Neil Keenan but somebody put them back. This time they were removed again but if they re-appear, please realize anything said about Mr. Keenan was false. He has our full support in his efforts against the cabal. The links are here:

Benjamn Fulford discusses issues of concern to humanity with famed whistle-blower of the World Bank, Karen Hudes.

ben f jaren h

Worth paying to listen … click HERE.

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